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Five Best Beluga Cam Snapshots of the Week

Check out this week’s most fabulous snapshots from our Live Cams. Thanks to our fabulous viewers – you guys are the best! Today’s collection is from our Beluga Live Cams with special additions from the new Boat and Underwater Cams! Baby Beluga Underwater, from Cloud Sunrise Over Churchill (series), from Cloud Beluga Boat Bump, JoeExplore Boat View,

Polar Bears: Identifying Siku’s Family & Early Sightings on Beluga Cam!

We have had major excitement on the Beluga Whale Sky Cam as a viewer spotted a polar bear last week! Hard to believe fall is just around the corner. There is a new highlight up of a polar bear sighting here! And if you’ve been over to the Scandinavian Wildlife Park Live Cam recently, you’ve noticed the twin cubs are

Beluga Sky Cam

It’s a chilly -18*F in Port of Churchill, Hudson Bay. We’re getting fog, snow and bright sunlight on the Beluga Whale Sky Cam. Did You Know? The Churchill River estuary is one of the summering grounds for the largest population of beluga whales in the Arctic. The total world population of belugas is estimated to be