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Meet Hope & Dana from Farm Sanctuary!

Content courtesy of Farm Sanctuary The Sheep Barn cam shows not only the sheep residents of our Watkins Glen, NY shelter, but a few of their goat friends as well. (These goats are among our gentler goat residents, for whom the calmer sheep barn is a better fit than one of our rowdier goat herds.) Hope

Takin Born at LA Zoo

From our friends at Zooborns: The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardenshas announced the birth of a healthy Takin! She was born on February 12 and can now be seen on exhibit. Related to sheep, Takin are a goat-antelope found in the eastern Himalayas. There are four different subspecies: the Sichuan or Tibetan Takin, the Mishmi

Nature Does it Best… Again

This guy could be the solution for the NFL. Although we cannot play every game in Denver, the winning strategies for defeating the concussion crisis may come from research focused on recreating the safe biomechanics already in use in the animal kingdom… Bighorn sheep ritually ram their heads into each other and woodpeckers slam their

Well Dog And Sheep Bless You Too!!

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