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Snapshot by Momo781

Meet Hope & Dana from Farm Sanctuary!

Content courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

The Sheep Barn cam shows not only the sheep residents of our Watkins Glen, NY shelter, but a few of their goat friends as well. (These goats are among our gentler goat residents, for whom the calmer sheep barn is a better fit than one of our rowdier goat herds.)


Hope in the feeder- Snapshot by SarFre

Hope and Dana goats are among the sheep barn’s goofiest residents. These girls love to play and are always on the go — and one of their very favorite pastimes is jumping into a hay feeder, where they love to hang out!


Snapshot by Speeker

For the “humanimals” at our New York Shelter, the week began with a few concerned calls from Explore community members, concerned that Hope might be stuck in the feeder and so dedicated to the animals’ well-being that they went the extra mile to call about it and make sure she was okay! (Not to worry — she was just fine enjoying one of her favorite spots in the barn.)

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