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Ursula on the Move!

We have finally seen movement from Ursula and her cubs! Looks like the family is now on the sea ice right around the time we would expect. Soon the seals in the region will be pupping and there will be plenty of easy food for the hungry mom and her two young ones to consume.

Short Ursula Update- Cubs!

By Alysa McCall of Polar Bears International  Though we haven’t seen movement from her collar yet, our favorite female polar bear has been sighted. Ursula (or X33410 to researchers) was seen on March 5th outside of her den in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, with two brand new cubs. She was spotted by researchers in a helicopter

polar bear

You named Aurora the polar bear, now follow her live this winter!

The polar bear sponsored by explore.org just received a new name, chosen by an overwhelming majority! X35591 will now be known as Aurora, a beautiful name for a beautiful animal!


Gyrfalcons Need Lunch Too

After the Friday night blizzard in Churchill, Manitoba, Saturday’s clear and sunny weather was very welcome for both people and polar bears! However, there was another animal that seemed to appreciate the clear skies- a gyrfalcon!

polar bear on ice

Ice Is Nice

Take a look at the Churchill River as it starts to freeze up. This river has fresh water and therefore it freezes well before the salty Hudson Bay does.

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