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Ursula on the Move!

We have finally seen movement from Ursula and her cubs!

Looks like the family is now on the sea ice right around the time we would expect. Soon the seals in the region will be pupping and there will be plenty of easy food for the hungry mom and her two young ones to consume. We will track the family’s progress on the sea ice until it melts for the summer and the bears return to land. Hopefully Ursula will have at least three solid months of hunting before that time to make up for the past 8 months she spent fasting, giving birth, and nursing.

Check out Polar Bears International’s Bear Tracker any time to see how Ursula (X33410) compares to other females in the Hudson Bay region (her latest movement onto the ice will be updated shortly if not already).  Some of you may notice that PBI is in the process of updating our tracker, so thank you for your patience as we work out its kinks.

We will have another update in mid-April, so until then we hope Ursula is hunting happily and her cubs are getting used to their new icy habitat.