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Prairie Dog Lunch

These vegan rodents feast on a diet of grass, seeds and even roots. See the prairie dogs on the Bison Cam! Random Fact: The endangered Burrowing Owl will use abandoned prairie dog burrows for a nest. – See more at explore.org.


The prairie dogs on the bison live cam are preparing to “hunker down in winter and burn the reserves of fat they have stored during more plentiful seasons. White-tails may hibernate for up to six months on their mountain plains, while their black-tailed cousins sometimes emerge to feed on especially warm days.” (NatGeo) You can see

Winter Is Coming!

The prairie dogs are out and about in Grasslands National Park on the live cam! In Saskatchewan, October/November usher in a big change in weather. From summers in the 80s, these mid-fall days are already seeing 50* days and below-freezing nights! Catch it all on the bison live cam… winter is coming! 

Not a Camel, but…

“Bison tend to visit water at least once a day, though they can, if necessary, go several days without water—far longer than cattle can.” Read this article from the Washington Post on bringing back the bison to the American plains.  See the bison roam freely at the watering hole in Grasslands National Park on the

Like a Small Car!

Did You Know? Bison can weigh up to a ton! “Despite their massive size, bison are quick on their feet. When the need arises they can run at speeds up to 40 miles (65 kilometers) an hour.” (NatGeo)  See the American Bison on the live cam in the Grasslands. 

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