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Rachel feeds her chicks

The Ospreys Need You, Citizen Scientists!

Audubon and explore.org need your help! As fans and viewers of the Osprey Cam, you are in a unique and exciting position to collect valuable scientific data about ospreys Rachel, Steve, and their future offspring. And it starts by taking a snapshot.

The Citizen Science feature pops up every time you snap a pic of the Osprey Nest. You’ll be given the option to take a fun, interactive survey and tell us what you see on the cam! Just press the camera icon, and select “Use this Snapshot for Research”.


This information you provide can help document changes in the ospreys’ environment. By identifying the kinds and numbers of fish brought to Rachel and Steve‚Äôs nest, we can learn how climate change may be affecting fish populations. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these and other birds!

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