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Prairie Dog Courtship!

Did You Know? Prairie dogs are actually large squirrels?! See them on the live cam at the watering hole!

Bison Fast Fact:

In winter, bison can dig through deep snow with their heads to reach the vegetation below. Winter is coming but you can still see the bison at the Watering Hole Live Cam here.

Bison Beauty

Another awesome bison cam snapshot from fan Jacqueline White. We have two live bison cams capturing life on the plains including the rare bison and the prairie dog. See both cams here!  Submit your snapshots and become an explore.org fan!  

Island Bison

Did You Know? Catalina Island, off the coast of California, has one of the largest and most thriving herds of Buffalo! Brought there for a movie that was never made, the population has flourished to the point of replenishing populations in other parts of the country. (NPR) See bison roaming the prairie live on the Bison