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Live Chat About Penguins! (Does it get any better than that?)

We can’t think of anything much better than baby penguins, so Thursday July 3rd at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern, the Aquarium of the Pacific will be leading a Live Chat HERE about Floyd & Roxy’s new penguin chick! Join the discussion and ask your questions of Sara Mandel, Aquarium of the Pacific Aviculturist. (Aviculture is

Floyd and Roxy Await Their Heir

On the Penguin Nest Live Cam, parents Floyd and Roxy give us a peek at their egg. The approximate due date of the chicks is late June. The incubation period for this species is typically about 40 days. Penguins have existed on Earth for more than 50 million years, and over that time they have

Breakfast Outside, Nesting Inside

While the Magellanic Penguins feast on their morning fish, Roxy and Floyd continue their nest duties. We are on Day 7 of the egg hatch countdown. If all goes well, we can expect a chick in approximately 35 days. Did You Know? Diving to depths of 164 feet, Magellanic penguins prey on small fishes, squid, and krill.

The Egg Has Landed!

Mark your calendars for Floyd and Roxy, Magellanic Penguins, first egg of the mating season – May 14, 2014! You can watch Floyd and Roxy on the Aquarium of the Pacific Live Cam as their egg is cared for and hopefully, a penguin chick greets us the end of June. It takes between thirty-eight and forty-three