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Puppies, Puppies All Around

The snow has melted, new cams are live and new puppies have joined our Dog Bless You clan!

You can now visit Patriot Paws, our newest live cam showing real-time trainings of service dogs!

Over on Puppy Hill meet the “teenage” great danes who will one day join their elders as service dogs for those with balance needs at the Service Dog Project. And in the Puppy Room meet the newest litter who are still a little too roly poly to serve quite yet!

At Bergin University new ideas in canine studies and research appear, educated dog trainers are produced, and service dogs are matched with clients with physical disabilities and veterans with combat-related issues.

And at the Warrior Canine Connection, staff and volunteers give WCC’s Golden and Labrador Retriever puppies the early nurturing and training they need to develop into life-changing service dog partners of combat veterans with disabilities. Meet Rhoda’s litter here!

Happy Puppying!

(Thanks to explore.org fan JJ for the above photo!)