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Name The Three Osprey Chicks!

Rachel and Steve have three fluffy new chicks on their Audubon Osprey Nest! As part of explore tradition, we’re leaving it to you to help name them!

Name Heddy’s Hummingbird Chicks!

Heddy the hummingbird has made herself right at home at explore.org, nesting with her two chicks in the ivy hanging off a bottlebrush tree. Her name is inspired by that very ivy, Hedera Helix, and she’s quite happy with it. Now it’s up to you and two elementary school classes to give her chicks their

What’s in a Name?

The Osprey’s scientific name (Pandion haliaetus) comes from the mythical king of Athens, Pandion, whose daughters were turned into birds, and by the Greek words halos, referring to the sea, and aetos, or eagle.  Ospreys, commonly called fish hawks or fish eagles, are neither a true hawk nor eagle.  The species is of ancient lineage

What’s In A Name?

What would you name a puffin if you could? When Project Puffin researchers successfully trap an unbanded puffin, they are given the privilege of naming the bird. With tens and possibly hundreds being captured each season, there are often repeat popular names. Consequently researchers must strive to find quirky, silly, and original names. This list