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Rachel feeds her three chicks

Rachel feeds her three chicks

Name The Three Osprey Chicks!

Rachel and Steve have three fluffy new chicks on their Audubon Osprey Nest! As part of explore tradition, we’re leaving it to you to help name them!

We especially love names that honor those who worked in the field of conservation. Rachel herself was named for Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring raised awareness of the dangers of DDT, helping to ban the chemical and increase populations of eagles and ospreys.

But you can suggest any name you want! Something cute? Go for it.

You can enter the contest just by posting your naming suggestions in the comments section of this blog. The explore team and our wonderful and dedicated cam ops will narrow the pool to three. Ok! Start naming these chicks!

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  • BostonBean

    Given the succession of windy days, the chicks should be called Peter, Paul and Mary. The soundtrack is ‘Blowin in the Wind’

    • PoodleMom

      What if there are 2 girls?

      • seagee

        We won’t know their sex, Poodle.

      • Diane R


        • PoodleMom

          I thought of that! But “the perils of Pauline…” maybe Paulette!

  • Poppy

    This is my suggestion if it doesn’t interfere with the puffins: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoebe_Snetsinger

  • Poppy
  • BostonBean

    Rescuing An Island—The struggle to preserve a piece of untouched wilderness off the coast of Maine as a wild life sanctuary and a nature camp dedicated to Conservation by Millicent Todd Bingham (Natural History, May 1937)
    How about Millie, Todd, and Rob, or Millie, Todd and Bing?

    • seagee

      Good ones, BB

  • kalcat

    Teddy (Roosevelt)
    Minna (Hall) one of the women who helped stop the plume trade
    JJ or Jay (Audubon)

  • Heather Michaels

    three that have something to do with birds: Audubon, Brewster (for William Brewster), and Lucy (for John James Audubon’s wife)

    if youre open to more, I also really like the name Flash

    • seagee

      all but Flash

    • Diane R

      One of our peregrine chicks here in San Francisco this year was named Flash!

      • Heather Michaels

        oh really? that’s awesome!

  • AweSpray

    How about Henry, Wilson, and Millie…first and last names of researchers of migratory raptors and researchers of poisonous chemicals on raptors eggs etc

  • monalisa

    I think of them as Wynken, Blyken & Nod

  • Meffa MA. US

    I would suggest Chesapeake and Colorado for two of the chicks and Rob for the third.

    • Mainelady

      These is great Meffa.

    • seagee

      I like those, Meffa.

    • Colorado Sister

      How nice to remember the heartbreak we have had this year at the Chesapeake and Colorado nest!

    • JoL13

      I was going to suggest Chessy for one name since they named one of theirs Maine last year in honor of our lost chicks.

  • Kathleen Rothweiler

    Wynken, Blynken and Nod, yes!

  • Arlene

    I like Sunny, Windy and Stormy

    • 4meowsmom-MA

      Ooh I love those Arlene!

      • Arlene

        Thanks 4meowsmom I do too!!!. :)

    • Jillian

      Great names & I like that they’re gender neutral, as well. :o)

      • Arlene

        Yep thanks Jillian that’s what I was thinking too when I picked them :)

  • Andee in SC

    What about naming them after 3 famous authors from Maine? Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW, Stephen KING, and Harriet Beecher STOWE?

    • seagee

      I like these, Andee.

      • Andee in SC


  • Jeanne Wolverton

    Teddy, Rosie, and Junior. For Theodore Roosevelt Jr. who created 51 Bird Reserves while in office.

    • Deborah

      I like that

    • Andee in SC

      I like it. Original, but a worthy tribute as well.

  • Mainelady

    Kress, Carson, and Bierregaard. Last names of some very wonderful people!

    • Poppy

      Steve was named after Steve Kress and Rachel after Rachel Carson, Mainelady.

      • Mainelady

        Thanks Poppy! I am aware of whom Steve and Rachel were named after. That is why I picked their wonderful “last” names for the chicks! I added Dr. B’s last name for the third suggestion!

  • gerry valliere

    Marley, Vanna, Ollie

    • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

      One of the 2012 clutch was named Ollie 😉

  • 4meowsmom-MA

    The names I am suggesting are not the first names of these conservationists in parentheses but the last names listed in all caps…
    (Jimmy) CARTER
    (Jacques) COUSTEAU
    (David) WINGATE

  • Anna1973

    Abby, Kenny, Max, or Zoe

  • PoodleMom

    I’m asking you to consider: Audie, Muir, and Missoula. These are for: John James Audubon, John Muir and for the town where Hellgate Osprey cam is located, as Iris and Louis may not have a successful nest this year, poor Iris. That would be 2 years straight for her! :-(

    • naturegirl

      I thought of Muir right away but could not come up with two more.

  • JAL 15

    Hillary, Bernie and Donald. JUST KIDDING!

    • Some call me Tim

      well, they are arguing with each other quite a bit…

    • Andee in SC


  • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

    My suggestions:
    Phoebe (Snetsinger)
    Chesapeake and Colorado (seconding Meffa’s suggestion)

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      I love Phoebe, but Chesapeake and Colorado seem to long.

      • Meffa MA. US

        It’s OK, folks will just shorten them to something like Chesy and Coly. We’re good at stuff like that :) The important point is that they are honored, remember we and Hellgate were so honored last year.

  • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

    Any other time I would have a million names, but actually give me the chance to name them and I draw a blank.

    • Poppy

      You’ll have enough time, Carloon. Don’t stress yourself ;-))

      • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

        Just not coming up with even a smidgeon of an idea…not stressing though, just wishing I would have a BRILLIANT idea.

        • ruru-morepork

          Have you had any eureka moments yet?

  • Malou

    Bowdoin, Bates and Colby? (Three distinctive colleges in Maine).

    • Elaine Solomon

      Actually I like that too….way too hard to pick!! Thanks Malou

  • Elaine Solomon

    Love Longfellow, King and Stowe and also Carter, Cousteau and Wingate. Thanks to the two folks for these great names!! (4meowsmomMA and Andee in SC)

    • Andee in SC

      Thanks, Elaine.

  • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

    Hoping for short, catchy names that are easy to type.

  • Lily from CT

    Carson, Teddy & Mollie – I realize that Rachel is named for Rachel Carson…but Carson would be a good name for one. Perhaps Teddy (for Teddy Roosevelt) and Mollie for Mollie Beattie, the 1st female director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

  • ruru-morepork

    Had to register a new account with Disqus just for this!

    I propose:
    Ally (for Allagash)

    Named for conserved areas in Maine. Also ABC!

  • Sealavender

    Kelp, Lichen and Bark

  • cmolander

    Peace, Love and Joy! Because that is what they bring to us every day! MrsMo

  • AuntiE

    What better way to honor someone so dedicated to the field of conservation than to name them after Charlie Annenberg – Charlie, Anne, Berg

    • Malou

      It really sounds nice when you say, “Charlie, Anne and Berg!”

  • Julia L.

    How about Pulse (#1) cause she does the pulsing (or should I say pecking), Orlando, and Florida (for the city and state) to pay tribute to the people who were injured and those who lost their lives this past weekend there? What a better way to pay tribute to them than to have three eagles soar in the skies?

    • ple


  • Lisa

    I chose names based off the Audubon society leadership team website page…I figure if they’re on the board, they’re worth getting a bird in their name.
    Girls: Jane, Lorianne, Chandra
    Boys: Coleman, James, Jack
    as a side note, you certainly have a lot of Davids on the board :)

  • MJ

    The 3 Hs

    1- Hake – (Hake, M)
    (2001) Timing and speed of migration in male, female and juvenile ospreys Pandion haliaetus between Sweden and Africa as revealed by field observations, radar and satellite tracking.

    2- Henny – (Henny C. J)
    (2001) Fall migration routes, timing and wintering sites of North American ospreys as determined by satellite telemetry.

    3- Halia (Pandion Haliaetus)

    • Erulasse Aranel

      Hmm, I like Halia.

    • GreyLady

      And the H’s for Hog Island; love these MJ!

    • Colorado Girl

      Love these, MJ!

    • BostonBean

      Nice MJ!

  • Rori from South Carolina,U.S.

    I think we should name them from the heavens Luna, Sky, and Galaxy.

    • kalcat

      One of the 2012 chicks was named Sky

    • ruru-morepork

      These are great!

    • 2pointers

      Luna, Sky & Venus, since Sky has been recently used?

    • Rori from South Carolina,U.S.

      Star instead do sky

      • Rori from South Carolina,U.S.

        So Luna, Star, and Galaxy.

  • Bernabird

    Winkin, Blinken and Nod (I know they’re not Audubon specific but they just seem to fit 😉

  • BenPenn

    Magnar – Magnar Norderhaug
    Jairo – Jairo Moro
    Jemima – Jemima Parry-Jones

  • seagee

    OK, here are mine, after some research and thought. I tried to find names that work for male or female (since we won’t ever know their sex); easy to recall and type; and some fun included. I tried to load my list of 7 ornithologists, but we can attach files. My list includes the three below, plus: Paul Austin Johnsgard, William Beebe, George Miksch Sutton, and Frances “Fran” Hamerstrom. For the record: I think we should avoid names that don’t relate to nature, so we may continue what Audubon and explore have started. There are plenty of greats to choose from.

    1. Fitz or Weaver — John Weaver Fitzpatrick, currently the Louis Agassiz Fuertes Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
    2. Gordy, Howell, or Ori — Gordon Howell Orians, much awarded ornithologist and ecologist
    3. Bond — James Bond, American ornithologist whose name (fun fact) was appropriated by Ian Fleming for his fictional spy.

  • Julia Glueckauf Gray

    I thought the first could be called Rain, as it was pouring when it pipped. The 2nd, Windy/Wind, because there was fierce wind when it pipped/hatched and the 3rd could be Sun/Sunny! Gender neutral too!

  • Some call me Tim

    Uni, Duey, and Trey

  • sambuzzard

    My vote will be a tribute to our followers who have contributed so much time on this site for our enjoyment and information.There are so many, and I do not want to skip any one,please help me remember. Top of list, Regina, Reggie or Gina. O&T Oatie, Fly, Meffa, Sherri, Penn, Charlotte you know who they are. Perhaps a top chatter, Jody and Teezee. Just my thoughts ,you all add on.This is Sambuzzard, can’t log in here.

  • chillin

    Audi, Bonni, (for Audubon) and Gessi (let’s face it, if you haven’t read David Gessner’s books, you probably should!)

  • Amalie

    Beau – Reine and Trey

  • Bozhi

    I would like Trey to stay Trey. Maybe name the other two after Dr. Rob Bierregaard.

  • 2pointers

    I like Trey too, but what about Audi (Audubon & born on D-day), Rosie (Rosemary Grant and Rosie the riveter) Joe or Joey (for Joseph Spadafora or GI Joe) if you use an ornithologist/patriotic theme?

  • snowbird17

    Bierra, Brewster and Bing

  • Jenn771

    Davey , Bobbles and Hope

  • bansheebaby

    Gale, Force and Wind

  • rosprey

    Eric- from camp who did such great rehab work on the nest
    Bierre- for Dr B.
    Spirit- to honor so many nests who have lost young this season

  • Dubtown Dude

    Riki, Niki, Trey-Trey

  • 2pointers

    If one were to follow the 1, 2, 3 line of names:
    1st – Page (Pele)
    2nd – Dara (Andre/Andra)
    3rd – Trey (of course)

  • http://explore.org/ explore.org

    Entering name suggestions on behalf of GAngel:

    Chirpie, Tweetie, Peepers

  • as2003

    Melissa, Jacob, and Susanna. But I don’t know which ones are boys or girls.


    luna dewey and trace for sure is my vote


    ame rey ossy

  • Flyfishboca

    Charlie, Charlene, Chirpy

  • Christine Mychajliw

    Olaus, Mardy, and Bert. Named after Olaus & Mardy Murie and, of course, Bert Raynes–all famous conservationists in Jackson Hole.

  • Marie Caron Jost

    The fishermen three: Wynken, Blyken and Nod.

    • Marie Caron Jost

      By Eugene Field~
      Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
      Sailed off in a wooden shoe,—
      Sailed on a river of crystal light
      Into a sea of dew.
      “Where are you going, and what do you wish?”
      The old moon asked the three.
      “We have come to fish for the herring-fish
      That live in this beautiful sea;
      Nets of silver and gold have we,”
      Said Wynken,
      And Nod.

      The old moon laughed and sang a song,
      As they rocked in the wooden shoe;
      And the wind that sped them all night long
      Ruffled the waves of dew;
      The little stars were the herring-fish
      That lived in the beautiful sea.
      “Now cast your nets wherever you wish,—
      Never afraid are we!”
      So cried the stars to the fishermen three,
      And Nod.

      All night long their nets they threw
      To the stars in the twinkling foam,—
      Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe,
      Bringing the fishermen home:
      ‘Twas all so pretty a sail, it seemed
      As if it could not be;
      And some folk thought ‘twas a dream they’d dreamed
      Of sailing that beautiful sea;
      But I shall name you the fishermen three:
      And Nod.

      Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes,
      And Nod is a little head,
      And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies
      Is a wee one’s trundle-bed;
      So shut your eyes while Mother sings
      Of wonderful sights that be,
      And you shall see the beautiful things
      As you rock in the misty sea
      Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three:—
      And Nod.

  • Flyfishboca

    “Oddie” for “Bill” Oddie
    “Beebe” for William Beebe
    “Darling” for Frank Fraser Darling
    All Ornithologist

    • GreyLady

      How about Oddie, Beebe, & Ding ( Ding-Darling)

  • ple

    It’s Pride month and a horribly tragic one at that. The mind is perhaps too unhappy, but here goes: Orlando (also after V. Woolf’s novel) Rainbow Hope

  • Myrna Bird

    I vote for: Regina, Maddi and Solera ! Steadfast champions of our Ospreys!

  • Solera from Austria

    Oddie – William Edgar “Bill” Oddie, English writer, composer, musician, comedian, artist, ornithologist, conservationist and television presenter.
    A birdwatcher since his childhood in Quinton, Birmingham, Oddie has established a reputation as an ornithologist, conservationist, and television presenter on wildlife issues. Some of his books are illustrated with his own paintings and drawings. His wildlife programmes for the BBC include: Springwatch/Autumnwatch, How to Watch Wildlife, Wild In Your Garden, Birding with Bill Oddie, Britain Goes Wild with Bill Oddie and Bill Oddie Goes Wild.

    Hope: Hope Douglas is a wildlife rehabilitator at Wind Over Wings (Maine), a nonprofit educational service featuring magnificent birds who are unable to survive in their natural environment and who have overcome extraordinary obstacles in their lives. Through these birds, Hope’s goal Is to provide her audience a personal connection with wildlife that will foster responsible stewardship of the environment.

    Bobbie: Well, I guess I needn’t explain this one. Wanted to make it Rob or Bob but I guess Bobbie sounds more gender neutral.

    • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

      I love these, Solera!

    • Ospreylover

      Hi Solera ..like Hope! Trey will always look like a Trey to me though!

    • DJ

      I really like Hope. It’s seems to be a great option as many people seem to like this one too. I could definitely live with one of them being Hope. Great suggestion.

  • Marissa Espinosa

    Eeny, Meeny, Miney

    • kalcat

      Sorry. I’d have a problem with those since the original childhood counting chant (which I remember well–I’m old) included a terrible racist name. I suppose it’s been sanitized for kids these days but the old version lingers.

  • Ann Griffith

    Bobbie, Hope, Oddie.

  • marcey s

    Storm…. rain…… and trey

  • palurien

    Muir (John Muir) Mardy (Margaret Murie, wife of Olaus Murie, both environmentalists..Murie is too much like Muir) and Sigurd (Olson) Environmentalists all.

  • Dee

    Boreas, Greek god of the north wind
    Zephyrus, Greek god of the west wind.
    Notus, Greek god of the south wind.

  • Reese


  • Julia Glueckauf Gray

    I previously suggested Rain, Wind/WIndy & Sun/Sunny, but I forgot to add that I also call #3 Pokey because he took so long to hatch!

    • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

      Actually, it was #2 who took so long to hatch 😉

      • Julia Glueckauf Gray

        I remember, but it just seemed to take so long for #3! After all the excitement of 1 &2. I am just happy they are thriving now! And you are a great moderator, Maddi!

        • http://www.lenagh.nl Maddi

          Not a moderator, Julia, just a chatter 😉

          • Julia Glueckauf Gray

            Well, a great chatterer! I am usually a brancher- as I am at work most of the time- so I sneak peeks when I can!

  • Malou

    Many of us are so fond of the name Trey, and I remember how we cheered our hatches with chants of “Pip, Pip, Hooray”, so what about…
    Pip, Chip and Trey?

  • 57Bootsy


    Have a great day!

  • Linda G

    Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod

  • CaliDervish

    Winkin, Blinkin, & Nod, of course!

  • Sue Dove

    “Ding” for Frank “Ding” Darling
    “Beebe” for William Beebe
    “Trey” because I like that name!

  • Sue

    “The Three Musketeers” – Athos, Porthos, and Aramis

  • Sue

    Terra, Marina & Sky

  • Plum808

    Auddie, Ossie and Nessie

  • Dianne Christenson

    Mini, Mighty and Moe

  • StayOnTopicPlease

    Dani, Franny and Trey!

  • Hasadore Scott Hall

    1-Chance, 2-Coy (short for coincidence), and the little one Charm :)

  • GB Heron

    How about Amelia (Earhart), Lindy (Lindbergh) and Sully (Sullenberger) — all great fliers?

    • AF-England

      Good choice. with the connection to flying. like it.

  • Lynn Brofsky

    Thumbs up for GB Heron’s suggestions, but I would shorten Amelia to Ammy, Lindy and Sully.

  • JMo

    Regarding naming… we don’t know the sex of the birdies yet, is that correct?

    • kalcat

      Yes, we don’t know if they are male or female. Though when they are banded next month their leg diameter will be measured and that measurement can serve as an indication of sex. Still not definitive.

    • seagee

      We were told at the camp last summer that there is no way to know for sure.

  • Melanie

    Georgie ( George Bird Grinnell), Lyndi (Lyndon Johnson), Ansel (Ansel Adams)

  • Teezee

    How about leave Trey?

  • JMo

    SO many good suggestions. Here are my humble submissions from two themes:
    1) Hog Island & Audubon Historic and Preservation theme:
    – Milly: Honoring the original donor of Hog Island, to Audubon
    (Millicent Todd Bingham)
    – Bierry: Honoring Mr Bierregaard (Rob Bierregaard)-Our Osprey expert
    – Carl or Buchhy: in honor of Carl W. Buchheister The Hog Island Camp’s first
    director (21 years before becoming president of National Audubon)

    2) Factoid references
    – Hal/Halley: from p. haliaetus (Osprey species name),
    or Halieus (Greek for fisherman)
    – Omni: derived from the fact it is cited as being “unusual in that it is a single
    living species that occurs nearly worldwide”
    – Pandy – sole living member of the family Pandionidae,

    We could go with “Fisher” – it’s obvious, but they ARE masters at catching fish! :)

  • Plum808

    Skye, Sailor and Sprite… all gender neutral

  • Plum808

    Or… Wink, Willow and Wisp 😉

  • lolo53

    Tessa, Treavor and Trey.
    No one famous, yet I think they all have flair which our little ones definitely have.

  • Shorebirder

    Teddy (after Teddy Roosevelt), Tom (after Thomas Nutall), and Trey, after himself.

  • Kim

    Bobo ,Indy, Keiko

  • Naturelvr

    My choices:

    Bailey (for the ornithologist Florence Augusta Merriam Bailey)

    Cooper (for the ornithologist William Cooper)

    Brewster (for the ornithologist William Brewster)

    Teddy (for Teddy Roosevelt)

    Gessie (for David Gessner)

    Henry (for Thoreau)

    Albie (for both Albert Schweitzer and Albert Einstein – humanitarians!)

    • Doris Rosenberg

      All really good ones!

  • shnzermom

    Can only think of 2……Charlie…and Explore !

  • naturegirl

    Jane, Lily,and Bryan

  • Holly


  • CamOp_Benn

    Ace, Deuce, Trey. :-)

  • Cedar

    Sunshine, wind and waves

  • DJ

    Sailor, Fife and Rane.
    Sailor because they are maritime birds.
    Fife for the high transverse sounds made by this musical instrument and
    Rane (pronounced rain) from the Wild Swan trilogy.
    Thanks Audubon and Explore for letting us submit names for the 2016 hatchlings.

  • Jan Earnest

    Oliver, olivia and Oscar. Oscar Osprey is Outstanding.

  • Stacy


  • C Reichenbach

    Wiyken, Blynken & Nod

  • C Reichenbach

    Sorry, Wynken, Blynken & Nod

  • Gail

    Moe, Larry, and Curly

    • Derwood Wilkinson

      I vote for Gail’s suggestion!

  • Robyn

    How about Casco, Bremen and Cove.

  • Gail

    Huey, Dewey, and Louie

  • Gail

    Earth, Wind and Fire

  • Anita Barker

    Simon (King ), Alex (Hofford), Jane (Goodall)
    Or, if all are boys, Simon Theodore and Alvin!

  • Cece




  • biatch

    gucci, prada, dior

  • Elizahuger

    Kress, Hall and Bradley

  • Annie Prosperi-Philibert

    Schwarzy Curious Ribellu

  • Colorado Girl

    Thank you, Explore, for giving us the opportunity to suggest names!

    Gessner – author of Return of the Osprey and Soaring with Fidel
    Koppie – USFWS raptor biologist, associated with the Chesapeake Bay area
    Greene – Project Osprey, University of Montana

    Looking forward to a choice of which we can be proud!

  • KOside

    Charles, Emma & Henrietta Darwin.
    “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” :)

  • http://www.tincrafts.com Fred Brandes

    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

    “Where are you going, and what do you wish?”
    The old moon asked the three.
    “We have come to fish for the herring-fish
    That live in this beautiful sea;

    • Joan Massie

      That’s beautiful

  • Artemis

    I propose Louis and Lois for the Darlings, the illustrators of the original (1962) “Silent Spring” written by Rachel Carson, and Trey – just because

  • Mel

    Put all of our H.I. Camera ops names in a basket/hat and draw three!
    They deserve the honor.

    • Carol Loveless

      This is the best naming idea of all of them even my own.

  • Justus Mason

    Fluffy. Swoop Diver. Ava Adveva. Martin and Chris are all good names I think

  • Carol Loveless

    John for John Audubon, Darwin for Charles Darwin and Phoebe for Phoebe Snetsinger who documented over 8.000 birds

  • Malou

    Rob, Phoebe and Trey…my favorite names so far. Gosh this is hard! I like so many!

  • AF-England

    I love the name Trey, its just sound rights, Poppy (Moderator) and Maddi, they are both friendly and helpful to newcomers, thanks for the chance to do this. It would be nice to have a viewer and a moderator to get this honor, plus I like the names and would suit the Ospreys.

  • lori spagnoli

    winkin, blynkin, and nod!!!! (from the children’s book of same name by eugene field)

  • Laurie

    Hope, Love and Faith…It’s what the world could use right now!



  • Robinette

    I do not know people famous in the birding world or involved with Hog Island, but the chat “leaders” and moderators on the Hog Island chat are extremely knowledgeable and helpful to those of us with less knowledge. Because I only know them by the names they use on the chat, I have several names: Poppy, MJ, Homebird, Maddi, Solera. I think O in T is a great helpful person, but it’s an odd name, but I think her real name is Olivia, so that name as well. I still like Trey for the 3rd chick.

  • Kim Echelon Barkman

    Riley, Penelope and Lele (which is flight in Hawaiian)

  • MissHav

    Opie, Ophelia and Oscar Osprey…

  • Carmen Silvia Ballerini

    Lili, Lucy e Jack! <3

  • Linda Ishmiel

    Orlando, Lane, Pulse

  • fluffyspun

    Baxter, Rangeley, Reid, Quoddy, Kineo, Grafton> some Maine State Parks
    Knox, York, Franklin, Waldo, Lincoln, Kennebec, Somerset, some Maine Counties
    Skittles, Taffy, Necco, Smarties, Pez, Pixie, Peeps, Starburst, some candy names
    Robin, Raven and Phoebe, some other bird names, I like the play on words, so to speak
    Robin, Barry and Maurice – the Bee Gees

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      We need at least one girl name. Peter, Paul and Mary. 😉

      • seagee

        We will never know their gender, car.

        • BostonBean

          True. But we’ve always had a female name. Mabel, Pia…

          • seagee

            Hi BB, I don’t think Pia was a female name. But what do I know?

          • BostonBean

            I always thought it was female. Pia Zadora and there were other examples mentioned when the names were announced. Not a fan of naming our babies after tragedies, beit Orlando (suggested) or past losses at other nests. Our birds are light itself and do not deserve to be encumbered! :)

          • seagee

            I really agree with you here!

      • fluffyspun

        Robin is a girl’s name, too, so is Pixie and Taffy and some are unisex.
        However, I almost put Peter, Paul and Mary and switched it to the BeeGees! Noel “Paul” Stookey lives in Maine.

      • BostonBean

        That was my suggestion too. A wonderful folk trio, and theme song ‘blowin in the wind’, we’ve had so many windy days (but good to keep the gnats at bay)

  • E Beaumont

    Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell (Tinker for short!)

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      or Tink.

  • Jonathan Petri

    Bama, Ari, Laila, these aren’t in order to gender.

  • Joan Massie

    I think freedom, wind and soar would be good names.

  • Paula Emler

    Zephyr, Sirocco, and Mistral. All names for wind.

  • Sue Dussault Morgan

    Billie In Memory of Big and Little which is a combo of their nicknames.

    Snow after the writer of the State of Maine Song which was Roger Vinton Snow.

    Ole for the Exec Director of Maine Audubon, Ole Admunson

    Lando in memory of the victims of Orlando

  • grannyB

    Eins, Zwei and Drei?

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona


    • mi ke

      German Names . LOL Why not “Bremen” is also a German town ; )

  • Denise Budz

    They are so Beautiful.. Sky, fierce, Ceylon for their Eye color.

  • Sue

    How about Winken, Blinken & Nod

  • Sharma Dent

    Winkin- Blinkin and Nod.

  • Kay Reive

    Sirius, Rigel and Vega…the stars in our skies :)

  • Starling

    Rolie,Polie and Olie!

  • NW Naturalist

    Millicent, Todd & Bingham

    In honor of Millicent Todd Bingham who negotiated with John Baker of the National Audubon Society to have a nature study facility established on the island at the more developed Point Breeze site. The Audubon Nature Camp opened in the summer of 1936.

  • Tim Hart

    Skipper, Captain and Chief

  • MaineTrapgirl

    Huey, Louie and Dewey

  • Dayle Byrnes

    Woodrow Wilson..1918 signed the first migratory Bird act..”Woodrow” or “Woody”..”Wilson”
    Theodore Roosevelt…creates the first National Wildlife Refuge in Florida..”Teddy”
    “Martha”…the last living passenger pigeon who died in 1945.

  • Monik Robichaud

    Daenarys Targaryan, John Snow
    and Sansa Stark

  • Dayle Byrnes

    I was telling a friend about naming the babies. I read her some of the suggested names. She liked Riley, Phoebe and Skye.

  • Lauren Stoneburner

    “Wilson” for E.O. Wilson. “David” for David Attenborough.” “John” for John James Audubon.
    For a trio of females: Jane” for Jane Goodall, “Dian” for Dian Fossey, and “Birutė” for Birutė Galdikas—the three powerhouse primatologists.

  • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

    I haven’t come up with a single good idea. However, I really don’t like Trey. I know the spelling is different, but all I am ever able to envision is a tray of food, or a tray of drinks or a tray of fruit. Sorry. :(

    • Regina from Hamburg

      Or an ashtray… I am a smoker … so I always think about it.

      • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

        That too!

    • BostonBean

      Not wild about Trey either.

    • OneBirdieMa

      You need to take up a few wild hands of poker and then you’ll know what Trey is all about.

    • DJ

      I agree. Can’t we come up with some more dignified for these magnificent birds?

  • Kirstin Tobiasson

    Three babies, osprey
    That we Humans Watch
    And Name
    There is so much weight when watching
    Fear, hope, curiosity
    I am fearful when one chick is not fed for a spell
    Or the talon comes down on a head and I imagine the worst
    This is a great privilege
    To be able to witness nature on this level
    It is difficult to remember, at times, that it is such a great privilege

    As we are invited to watch, so we become involved.
    (That is Our Nature)

    I wish long life for all three chicks
    And too I am sensitive to the curtain between their reality and ours.
    Our Observation
    And their natural germinations / unfoldings / development.

    I am also so very aware of what has transpired of late in our human world.
    Threads unwound in the web (the nest)

    I would call first born chicks one and two thus:
    Chick One
    Chick Two

    And the third chick, littler (littlest)
    and most tender to me

    There is always room for a Second name…
    To honor the great (love) and labors of the people who make this research & enjoyment possible.
    I leave that to those more closely connected.

    And in the same I will make an effort to learn who those people are.

    Thank you for a unique vantage.

  • Elizabeth Whitlam

    three names, skye starr sage

    • PoodleMom

      We’ve already had a Skye.

  • Stephen Hembery

    ”Charlie” ”Hamilton” & ”James”

  • Bonnie Collette

    I just started watching these beautiful birds most of night. Amazing job Mom. I think the name’s, Jangles , Juniper and Joy fit them, seeing all the energy and fun .

  • BirdNut

    Not historically significant, I just like ’em ;)) :
    Alpha, Beta, Trey
    Nova, Vega, Ariel (stars)
    Sky, Storm, Myst
    Apollo, Atlas, Hera (raised by Oceanus)
    Rain, Dusk, Dawn
    Bolt, Echo, Blitz
    Windy, Rainy, Sunny
    Ace, Champ, Hero
    Comet, Chase, Neo
    Ranger, Hunter, Striker
    Uno, Dos, Tres.

  • Ms Zippity

    Bobbie – for Dr. B
    Charlie – for Charles Annenberg Weingarten
    Makana – Hawaiian for “the gift”

  • Sandy Moore

    what about fisher, Swift and Pandion

    • PoodleMom

      We had a Pan in 2014.

  • sherry

    I think they should have regular names like Steve and Rachel so Ian, Starr and Alex.

  • Annette

    Rey, Bon and Dub from the words Audubon Osprey

  • Teezee

    Onesie16, Twosie16, and Trey16
    Adding the date in the name to me makes it easier to know when they were hatched, if we ever see them again or see their foot band.

  • Meri

    1. Rick or Ricky for the late beloved camp counsellor that was on Hog Island. Grew fond of him on my visits. Steve Kress was Director there when I experienced camp sessions but the name Steve is already taken.
    2. Ginger — was the awesome camp gourmet chef during my first visit.
    3. Flight – no reason, just like the sound of this word…

  • Rachel

    Brock, Leah, Gracie!

    My name is Rachel and my husband is Steve. The names above are the names of my brood!

  • Eric Bertsch

    Years ago as I was stretching & sipping my morning coffee, I was given the gift of witnessing an osprey snatching a large trout out of a mountain lake in California’s Marble Mountain Wilderness. The lake’s name was Jewel Lake and nearby was Diamond & Emerald Lakes.
    So there ya go: Diamond, Emerald & Jewel.

  • Eric Bertsch

    Aldo (Leopold)
    Naomi (Klien)
    (Rachel) Carson

  • Joyce WA

    Maine, Pine and Lumber (all synonymous with Maine)

  • Marjorie Martin Gauntt

    Marjorie Gauntt

  • Bonnie Stubbins

    I would like to suggest naming the three chicks as follows, not knowing the genders, naming one, Audie , for the Audubon Society, a second one named Bonnie For the Bon part of Audubon, and the 3rd one Ossie because they are Ospreys. No matter they are precious gifts from nature, thank you for all that you do.

  • Mistycat56

    I’d like to suggest: Biggie, because the first one is so big. Miggy, for the middle one. And Lilbit, for the 3rd born.

    • Deborah

      Last year’s chicks were Big and Little because that was what we had been calling them before the eagles came

  • Teeks

    Loomis for (Mabel Loomis Todd)
    Peck for (David Peck Todd)
    Tory for (Roger Tory Peterson
    since we don’t know if male or female

    • BostonBean

      We’ve had a Tory already – he was a special chick!

      • Tracey2“

        Hey there, BB! I never met Tory, but I have heard how he captured everyone’s heart.

    • PoodleMom

      We also had a Mabel. The 2013 group: Mabel and Tory.
      2012: Ollie, Skye and Sibley
      2014: Poole, Pan and the inimitable Pia

  • Stephanie Marie

    Carson, Kress and I just love Trey for the little one. I think you should keep it.

  • MinD

    Penn, George and Lucy…….
    Robert Penn Warren wrote an Audubon poem; Audubon A Vision,
    Lucy was one of John James Audubon’s daughters.
    George is my friend who just passed away and is free as a bird! <3

  • TinyJulz <

    Family unit represented in Q, R, S, T, U

    *Quinn (unisex) to represent the 5 ospreys in this family group
    Rachel- mother osprey’s name
    Steve- father osprey’s name
    *Titan- or Tina they both mean strength
    *Uri (unisex) or Uriah (male) means my light.

    *chick name

  • cmolander

    Are we allowed to choose more than three names? Just to clarify.

  • NCpuglover

    Manny, Moe , Jack

  • Elisa6721

    On the names, I thought of 3 that have to do with taking to the sky or taking off with wings….Buzz, Dash and Zip. I want to say thanks to the explore team for letting us help to name Rachel and Steve’s little ones this year

  • BostonBean

    Rescuing An Island—The struggle to preserve a piece of untouched wilderness off the coast of Maine as a wild life sanctuary and a nature camp dedicated to Conservation by Millicent Todd Bingham (Natural History, May 1937)
    How about Millie, Todd, and Rob, or Millie, Todd and Bing?

    • BostonBean

      Or maybe this year we have two female names for a change of pace. Emily Dickinson was a visitor to Hog Island. Millie, Rob, and Emily??

  • Nature watcher

    My names are picked because the wind seemed to be so fierce that week they were born. Therefore; Windy (Wendy), Gale (Gail), and Breeze.

  • Justus Mason

    The nest in Montana has chicks

  • Blueiiimax

    Wynken, Blynken and Nod
    Ace, Deuce, Trey

    • OneBirdieMa

      Ace Deuce Trey – you’re a day ahead of me
      If this is going to be decided by upvoting someone’s going to get very confused

    • Anna

      Ditto (didn’t see your post, did not go back far enough in the comments). Great idea!!! We can discuss spelling later.

  • Madaline Smith


    1st hatched: Sharkie (She/he’s tough like a little shark and born near water..)
    2nd hatched: Triton (king of the sea, reminds me of the little mermaid)
    3rd:hatched: Zeus (another powerful greek charater who ruled the oceans.)

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona


  • Michelle Held

    Aud, Doe, and Bon ;0)

  • Jyla

    Uno, Dos, Trey!

    • OneBirdieMa

      see above (I’m too lazy to go edit another time) Ace, Deuce, Trey

  • Debbie C

    How about Bippity, Boppity, Boo. Not gender specific so that helps.

  • Jennifer Milliken

    Mabel, Loomis and Todd former owner of Camp Mavooshen

  • Solibird

    how about Faith, Hope and Charity?

  • alexa

    My entry is Pip, Chip and Dale!

  • bansheebaby

    I confess, I’m just a little excited because down there at the bottom of this feed I have 9 upvotes for Gale, Force and Wind. Which, If I’m not mistaken puts me second after Winken, Blinken and Nod. It should also be noted that the single name Trey is still going strong.

  • Kirstin Tobiasson

    So I waxed previously.
    Here’s my latest refinement.
    L. Rachel (For the quirky and bootstraps nose to the grindstone Carson of course. Rachel Junior or Rachel II is much too old school and somehow elitist. But / And it is important to carry on a lineage, when the line has been drawn with such a sharpness and imprint)
    L. Tot (short for totius mundi… Entire World Which is a burden of a title, yes. But a beautiful christening for a representative from Now for the Future…)
    L. Audie (Someone had earlier brought up this Audobon shorthand, and I Like It.)
    L is for Love.

    or is it El Rachel, El Tot, El Audie

    Birds will be birds
    Humans will be humans
    Mackerels will be mackerels

    Thanks to all in the chain.

  • Kirstin Tobiasson


  • Kirstin Tobiasson

    …let us assume that LOVE is always implied..
    goodnight all moss, lichen, liverwort-gathering, fish-shredding, twig-snapping nest aerators of the northeast.
    Thanks again for your (osprey) eyes, camera operators, delivering this immensely personal view to our own cozy nests, wherever they may be…,

  • Rdhed

    I would like to suggest ;
    Winger, Fischer, and Flap

  • Emmie

    Gladis, Jayden, Callie, Christine, Chirps, Chase, Oliver, Mal, Janet, Ollie, Mollie, or Sabrina?

    • Emmie

      Jewel or Jane for some names?

  • Hilary Entley

    Winkin, Blinkin, & Nod! Just because! LOL

    • Anna

      Sorry, I did not see your post earlier when I put in my suggestion a short while ago! Such a great idea IMHO. Anyway, great minds think alike!

      • Hilary Entley

        Looks like there’s quite a few of us bright souls 😉 HAHA!!

  • Linda G Massachusetts

    Carson (also for Rachel Carson), Bierr (for Rob Bierregaard) and Missoula (for the Hellgate nest… 5 eggs & no chicks), Loomis (for Mabel Loomis Todd), JJ (for John Audubon), Trey for the 3rd one (just because).

  • Bell

    Serenity..Trinity..Faith :)

  • Charlotte Gobbens

    miky, mars, twix(ie)

  • http://www.hashirecommissions.weebly.com Hashire Bailon

    Horus, Benu, Garuda
    Names of avian deities :)

  • Tee

    Ki, Nebi, Asokw
    Meaning Earth, Water, and Sky in the Abenaki language. Abenaki people once lived on Hog Island.

  • Andy and Jocelyn

    Sam, (short for Samsara, in honor of last year’s babes), Gessy (slang for Gessner, as in David Gessner, author of Soaring with Fidel: An Osprey Odyssey), and Bierregaard, for obvious reasons.

  • annieap1

    Eric (camp manager) Rob (Dr. Bierregard) and Juanita (keeps it altogether)

    • Tracey2

      I like Eric & Bobbie. I’d like to keep Trey. It seems to have attached itself already.

  • Lucille Matthews

    Ennie, Meenie, Minie – there ain’t no Moe

  • Bee

    Nicholas, Brendan, Stella, Maris. All are patron saints of the sea .

  • Donna de Wildt

    Love the segment of the day in which these tiny cherubs hatched: EVE, DUSKY and DAWN…..

    Good luck Chirpers, can’t wait for our 2016 Ospreylets to have their own call signs.


    Chico. Chloe. Chacha.

  • Donna de Wildt

    In tribute to the record-breaking fishing Steve has done this year, here’s another suggestion: Mack, Flo, and Hal. Mack for Mackerel, Flo for Flounder and Hal for Halibut. Sorry Sculpin, I couldn’t fit you in as there’s three slots only, for three names.

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona


  • debra manning

    In honor of everything your amazing crew is striving to accomplish through education. You give us hope these fascinating creatures will survive the delicate balance of our earth. My names would be Hope, Life and Forever.

  • Vanessa

    Did anybody say … Kukla, Fran and Ollie? :-)

    • amalie

      2012 has an Ollie :)

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      LOL! what a flashback!!!

    • seagee


    • lenoirdenantes

      I like it but we are dating ourselves.

  • Tracey2

    The third one should remain Trey.

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      Ugh. Sorry…I just can’t seem to warm up to it.

      • Tracey2

        Okay. You can certainly suggest other names. The more the merrier.

        • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

          I don’t seem to be able to come up with any…but really enjoy every body else’s suggestions. I wish my cousin had time to watch this site, she has about a hundred animals and they all have amazing names…she is so good at it!

    • OneBirdieMa

      absolutely. why confuse the poor little creature ; ) ?

  • L.c. Sylvester

    I love the names…Sundance for the oldest,Raindance for the middle one and Moondance for the wee one!

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      They would wind up as Sun, Rain, and Moon…kind of cute.

    • Andy and Jocelyn

      So good!

    • lenoirdenantes

      This is a good suggestion.

  • rover42534

    Uno or Eins for the first hatched, Drei or Deux for the second hatched, and I like Trey or Tres for the last chick hatched.

  • Sherri / Beeps

    India for the first hatch, Halo for the second hatch and Mist for the third hatch.

  • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

    There was a very popular Ozzie, of Ozzie and Harriette…he met with a bad accident and was rehabilitated, but was done in after a fight with a new male at that nest…SWFlorida Eagles last year I think.

    • Tracey2

      There was also an osprey Ozzie.

      • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

        I could easily have my birds mixed up! :)

  • Teezee

    Uno, Dos , Trey (keep the same name for the third chick as now)

  • Michael McGregor

    Faith Hope and Love

  • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

    Ollie, Olivia, and Scamp

    • Tracey2

      Ollie has been done before.

      • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona


      • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

        See…I told you I am not good at this.

  • OneBirdieMa

    In reverse order: Trey for the third-hatched chick (same as is used now), Deuce for the second hatched, Ace for the first. (TeeZee and rover42534, this is Un/Eins and Dos/Drei/Deux with the reference base of gaming (e.g., cards) where Trey comes from.)

  • nancydelu

    For three names, how about: Mercy, Maude and Noodles

  • Anna Sargent

    Bremie 1, Bremie 2, Bremie 3

  • SDinVA

    Daniel…. for Daniel Boone….wilderness explorer
    Teddy…. for Theodore Roosevelt…set aside land for National Parks
    Maggie…for Margaret Murie….grandmother of the conservation movement

  • Ry

    Mel Jojo


  • Karen Sitton

    Paine …. for Bob Paine, Ecologist

    Scotty …. for Scott Weidensaul, Ornithologist and

    Audie …. for John James Audubon

  • Anna

    How about calling them Wynken, Blynken, and Nod?

    • Anna

      To amplify: “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,” a poem by Eugene Field, it’s about three children who sail and fish among the stars (falling off to sleep)…there’s some talk about herring in there, and their boat is an old wooden shoe. Afterall, osprey are fisherman (in German they’re even called “Fischadler”). Winking and blinking seem to fit the first two chicks to a T, and I think we ALL know who is nodding!!!! :-)

  • robincee

    I’m really hoping the third chick will officially be named Trey. That’s what we all call him/her now. No matter what, Trey will always be Trey to me. (And it’s a good name, too!)

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      I call him Threesie.

  • sambuzzard

    For the nest , Eric. Reggie or Gina for Regina, Oatie for OinT .let’s not forget CR, Crown Royal, the best perch.

  • Tracey2`

    JJ for John James Audubon (from a friend of mine)
    Bobbie for Dr, Rob Bierregaard
    Trey because he’s Trey

  • Diana Hartman

    I am casting my vote to name the three osprey chicks Donald, Hillary, and Bernie. Chick #1 can be named Donald for the late wildlife biologist and conservationist Donald M. Kerr. Chick #2 can be named Hillary for the explorer and conservationist Sir Edmund Hillary. Chick #3 can be named Bernie for Bernard Frank who was a conservationist and one of the founders of The Wilderness Society.

    • ruru-morepork

      Well done lol

    • https://www.facebook.com/camopkat CamOp Kat

      I’m so glad you explained that!

    • seagee

      Let’s please leave D—– off the table this year!

      • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

        Actually let’s stay away from names that sound like they may be political…that way it is good for all of us.

        • seagee

          Couldn’t agree more!

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      Your heart is in the right place…it is just the wrong season for these.

    • Tyra Trevellyn

      That’s really very clever, kudos. But you know it just wouldn’t work at this time.

  • Ang In CT

    I’m going with Charlie, Breeze and Sky… take flight and soar little ones..

  • Phyllis Alexander

    The big one acts like a Couch Potato-eat, sleep,eat, sleep so I would name it CP.
    The middle one is so patient -I would name it Patience
    The little one I saw hatch and is going to have to fight so in honor I would name it Ali.

  • Jan Bertram

    How about naming the chicks after some of the beautiful towns and places in Maine: Bremen, York and Acadia.

  • Merrie Star

    Wynkin’ , Blynkin’ and Nod from Eugene Field’s 1889 poem,
    “…Where are you going, and what do you wish?”
    The old moon asked the three.
    “We have come to fish for the herring fish
    That live in this beautiful sea;
    Nets of silver and gold have we!”
    Said Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.

    • Anne

      Great! And you can just guess that Hilary and Blueiiimax and I are in agreement.

      • Merrie Star

        Great minds think alike!! :^)

  • Ospreylove

    #1 and #2 Hope and joy, because that is what they give us. #3 stays Trey.

  • DJ

    some really good suggestions have been listed…My opinion, let’s don’t name the after a tragedy. please.

    • Tracey2

      I agree with you.

  • DJ

    Please consider Errol, in the Celtic language it meas wanderer.
    Another suggestion: Arden.

  • Faith_WNY

    I have 3 sets for consideration:
    1) JJ (for John J Audubon)
    Bing (for Millicent Todd Bingham, original donor of Hog Island to Audubon)
    Breme (for nest location, Bremen, ME)
    2) Bierre (for Dr. B)
    Royal (for Crown Royal)
    Dory (for dories which transport visitors)
    3) Almo (for salmon fish)
    Haden (for menhaden fish)
    Krel (for mackerel fish)

  • Adam Gratun

    For the three eggsters:

    Fisher (For Adm. Jackie Fisher, RN. Also cause it’s what these sweet birds do best). Trey works well or Chick #3. For the remaining chick hmm… Leslie. Just sounds like a nice birdname. And works for either gender

  • Sue Fleming

    Keeping it simple…..Moe, Larry and Curly :)

  • Sandie

    I would like to suggest the chicks are named for the people who torn down the old nest and rebuilt the new one.

  • Tricia Allard

    my suggestion are uno duo and trey

  • Tricia Allard

    or faith hope and charity

  • willowmyyst

    Trey for the third chick. Sirius and Merlin

  • TDM1204

    Baxter, Acadia and Allagash after the parks and rivers in Maine!

  • Joy Reid

    How about Luke, Leah, and Finn. (Star Wars fan)

  • John and Trish Robinson

    Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, brothers in the bible

  • Carolyn Malloy

    From Hog Island Family Camp….Trudy, Craig and Eric :)

  • Liz

    Flapjack, pancake and crepe

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      You need to go have some breakfast. :)

  • Sharon LaVoie

    Pico, Dee, Gaio

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      LOL!…my favorite food!

  • Beth Barefoot

    Oliver, Olivia, Ozzy. All starting with o since their lady name is osprey.

  • Plum808

    Skye, Sailor and Sprite… all gender neutral!

  • seagee

    I thought you closed this last night.

  • Joseph Johnson


  • Plum808

    Audie, Ossie, Nessie

  • TC42670

    Eric, Bobby and Trey!

  • Elizabeth Whitlam

    sia, sage styx, musicians and band names all starting with the letter S

    • seagee

      Styx is also the river taking the damned to hell in mythology.

  • cmolander

    Seems many people are loving the name Trey! I didn’t see a response to my question Can we vote for more than three names?

    • carLOON from Tucson, Arizona

      I don’t think we are voting…I think Audubon will pick from the suggested names.

  • Tanya Dickson

    Because warching these birds brings such joy & smiles & even laughter to so many, & going in more of a whimsical theme because of that…I thought of Donald Duck & his 3 nephews (Ducks still are in the bird family LOL!) Huey, Dewey, and Louie (who are the sons of Donald’s sister Della Duck) so maybe use Della for a female name instead of Huey…Della, Dewey & Louie! Silly I know but I love the joy these Osprey bring much like the joy of Disney animation & my fave character Donald Duck!!!!

  • Jim San

    How do we throw suggested names in the hat?

  • Jim San

    Ok, I see we just drop them in here. My suggestion since we are already used to Trey (Tres), continue the counting theme. Uno, Dos, Tres (Trey)

    Anyway, my thoughts.

  • Barbara F. Desmarais

    Phoenix, Vinca, and Thoth.

  • Justus Mason

    Saxon spear and sword

  • Old Man

    Delbert, Lee Roy and Wynonna

  • mi ke

    Lian /Lenny/ Luke or Lucy — in the order, they had crack her Eggshell.
    four, because I do not know the sex. ??

  • Ringneck

    Kress, Gilman, Frieday

  • Mindy Marinda Hudson

    Rocky, Twiggy and Flower

  • arabella_trefoil

    Hamilton, Madison and Jay

  • Erin Collins

    Larry, Mo, Curly Joe

  • Murph

    Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod for the little guy

  • MinD

    Biggie, Middie and Trey!

  • http://www.southernbirding.com Terri NE FL

    Wing, Beak, Talon

  • Janet Mills

    Iris, Violet, Samson

  • lenoirdenantes

    I like winken, blinken and nod.

  • Mathew C

    If there all boys then maybe Aldo, Oddie, or Jon named after Aldo Leopold,Bill Oddie, and Jon Hornbuckle. If it is a girl Phoebe, Agatha, and Betty named after Phobe Snetsinger, Agatha Christie, and Betty Friedan. They are just some ideas for the three little birdies names. Maybe we could call one Bob the other one Nesta and the third one Marley(just kidding). They are all cute little birds and whichever name they are given I am sure will fit them.

  • Diana Hartman

    How about Zeus, Apollo, and Triton? They are Greek gods of the sky, sun, and messenger of the sea respectively.

  • Quinn Brown

    Jack, Eric, and Ginger, like the members of Cream.

  • Jeri

    How about hewy, Dewey, and Louie!

  • Judy Sheehan Manno

    Spencer, Anthony and Alek for the 3 American Heroes that stopped the terrorist on the train in France.

  • Lillymomlag

    I came up with …..Cate ,Sy ,Hal or Silver

    -Two are Inspired by Authors whose books encourage Children to get outside and enjoy Birdwatching .
    Annette LeBlanc Cate- Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard
    SY Barlow -Beginning Birdwatcher’s Book: With 48 Stickers (Children’s Activity Books)

    -Hal & Silver are from the Bird Movie of the Year … Angry Birds. lol

  • babybarracudess

    Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod…..obviously

  • Sharibeth

    As we are celebrating 100 years of National Parks, how about Teddy, Muir and Acadia? Teddy for Theodore Roosevelt, Muir for John Muir the naturalist who helped Roosevelt develop the National Park system and Acadia for Maine’s own beautiful National Park on Mt. Desert Island.

  • Justus Mason

    How long will this go on for i want to find out what their names are going to be

  • Zaffre Boutique

    How about Bandit, Smokey and Cledus or Carrie

  • Gretchen Schneider

    Can’t help myself: Huey, Dewey, and Louie (or Louise)!!

    • Elizabeth Davidson

      Those are the names I immediately thought of.

  • Laurie M

    Aldo, Teddy and Spring

  • Talley Sutton

    Consider, Birch, Oak and Pine – all trees native to Maine

  • Jen

    Os Os, Pre Pre, and YY (spells Osprey).

  • Daisy

    Ramen, Orzo, and Penne. Because when they’re all in the nest cup they look like a squirming noodle pile!

  • LaSalle1948

    Mack, Herring, Flounder … The fish that keep them alive chirping!

  • LaSalle1948

    Ithaca, Cayuga, and Cornell — in honor of the ornithology lab

  • GeorgieNoelle

    How about Wynken, Blynken, and Nod?

  • Gretchen Schneider

    New thought: Walt, Spielberg, & Lucas

  • lcrockett

    Larry, Moe, and Curly

  • Dyzilla

    How about;

    Bier, Rega, & Ard

    after Rob Bierregaard… I don’t recall if this has been suggested. There are so many great suggestions!! Thank you.

  • T Dakota

    Beyond my years, old school – Kukla, Fran and Ollie

  • Judi Kocour

    Tic, Tic Toe

  • Paul Brooksbank

    Rainbow, brown and brooky

  • Shari Strickland

    Will, Mary, Avis for Latin of Osprey, or Charity

  • dee m

    Ansel, Lyndon, Margaret

  • lookingback

    Kirk, Picard, and Janeway

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Leopold, Teddy and Gilbert

  • Terry E Dickerson

    Plácido, Jose, Luciano (the Three Tenors)

  • Robbie Brannan

    Just found this site… we named them Downy, Stormy (born during a storm) and Bobblehead which we have rethought. He’s/she’s now: Bobbin. :)

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    Thinking of the many species of fish they eat, names derived from them would be appropriate. Both male and female names are available. We have MAC for Mackerel, AL for Alewives, FLO for Flounder, SAL for Salmon, SOL for Sole to name a few.

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