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cute kitten

How Does Your Cat Show Affection?

Whispers of sweet nothing in your ear – – or sweet meows as the case may be. You have to have a keen eye and be a good listener to know when a cat shows affection. The signs are subtle and quiet, and oh so sweet.

cute kitten

Special Delivery on the Kitten Cam

Thanks to SophieCat for this pic of Bane and Serenity during the Wednesday weekly Kitten Cam Party. This special delivery is a familiar scene for any cat lover and owner. Forget the expensive toys and organic canvas mice, it’s the boxes that are always the most popular with felines! Exactly why DO cats love boxes so

Feral Cats and Kitten Rescue

Although the exact numbers are unknown, there is a a massive population of feral cats living in Los Angeles. These are cats who live on the streets and never learned to socialize with humans. There are a number of them who live at Kitten Rescue. Sometimes, the feral cats will warm up to their caretakers

Rex from kitten rescue in LA

Rex, the Kitten, Gets a Home

What happens on the mean streets of LA when you’re just a tiny kitten? Here’s a story to exemplify the Kitten Rescue mission and the type of things that inspire our Cat Bless You Facebook page.

kitten rescue

The New Kittens Are Kinda Our Heroes

They’re small, but mighty. The new kittens at the Kitten Rescue Cam were found on the street when they were just 4 weeks old and sick with stomach and upper respiratory problems. Today, things are getting better.

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