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How Does Your Cat Show Affection?

Whispers of sweet nothing in your ear – – or sweet meows as the case may be. You have to have a keen eye and be a good listener to know when a cat shows affection. The signs are subtle and quiet, and oh so sweet.

The same way humans can have that punch-drunk-love look in their eyes, kitties will give you slow blinks as a sort of sign language for “I love you.” You can return the favor with a slow blink back and often get a response as well. Now you speak cat!

The clues go from tail to tip. A touch of the tail is another sign of affection. Cats fluff and quiver or  give a gentle touch or wrap of their tails against the people they love and trust. They’ll also rub pheromone producing glands in their cheeks against the animals they wish to socialize with. A cheek rub is a real crowd pleaser among cats. “With cats you don’t know, you can encourage socialization by extending your index finger toward the cat at about her nose level. It doesn’t matter whether she is a few feet away or across the street. If she wants to say hello, she’ll approach your finger and touch it with her nose and then turn her head until your finger is on her cheek. If she trusts you, she will rub your hand with her cheek, indicating that she is open to socializing. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!” (Catster).

Head butting, chirps, purs and licks are other signs of a bonding kitten love. “Cats who feel connected and close to each other will mutually groom (allogrooming). The behavior helps them relax, shows trust, and builds a community scent — important for recognizing family members and buddies. People are not exempt — grooming isn’t reserved just for those of the same species. Cats will sometimes lick their human friends, displaying affection while mingling their scents,” (Catster).

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Does your cat have a funny way of showing affection? Do you get live, furry body warmers now that the winter chill is on us? Send us your photos of cat affection by posting in the comments below!


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