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You KNEW this was an April Fools Day gag, we can’t pull one over on you. Although, we must admit, a Dino Cam would be pretty sweet.

Why Don’t Puffins And Murres Get Along?

Fact: Unlike the puffins that carry multiple fish at a time the murres carry a captured single fish lengthwise, parallel to bill. Photo Courtesy of Werner Witte

What Did The Fish Beg For?

Fact: The rapid flapping of their wings makes murres appear to fly very fast, but their speed is only about 60 km / 40 miles per hour. Photo Courtesy of Nigel Bewley

Water-Phobic Murre?

Fact: Because their tails are so short, murres use their feet as rudders for flying – spreading them apart for complicated maneuvers. They can’t turn sharply and sometimes have difficulty landing on stormy days, often bumping into the cliffs and needing several attempts to successfully land on a ledge. Photo Courtesy of Ron Wolf (Flickr)

How Did The Murre Get Into A Car Accident?

Fact: Murres spend most of their lives at sea. Photo Courtesy Of: funnywildlife (Flickr)

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