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Happy International Guillemot Day!

In celebration of Guillemot Day, Project Puffin staff on Seal Island made these delicious cupcakes. The extra touches of the white patch on the wing and the cranberry red feet made these treats very special! Photo Courtesy of: Jenny Howard

Weighing And Measuring An Arctic Tern

Researchers weigh and measure an Arctic Tern. With this collection of data each year, scientists are able to judge the health of the bird upon its return to Seal Island after its winter migration. Photo Courtesy of: Jenny Howard

Project Puffin : Report From Outer Green Island

Sometimes the terns just push you to the edge When she needs somewhere to think Island Supervisor Catherine Pham knows just where to go. Outer Green Island is a place where jagged and craggy edges of rock drop straight off into the ocean. Here the sharp calls of the tern colony can be drowned out

Relaxing At The Links

With the abundance of Cow Parsnip growing on Outer Green Island, the Project Puffin seabird biologists have to be creative with the few open spaces left to them. On this unused tent platform the interns have rigged up a super-mini-golf course using whatever found objects the could gather. Watch out Tiger. Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn

Outer Green Island Common Terns Attack!

As the breeding season progresses, the terns become more and more aggressive toward intruders, divebombing researchers who are trying to do counts on the nests and chicks. The terns will ceaselessly peck at their heads, try to shoot excrement on them, call out in a cacophany of sound designed in hopes of warding them off.

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