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Perry is the perfect pet and a fabulous failure

Perry the Great Dane is a wonderful dog with a super personality. He could not be better. Why did we decide he was a fabulous failure? Because he paces – he does not trot.

Dogs Talk. You’ve Gotta Listen.

This impromptu sledding party was enjoyed by all ages and all medical abilities and disabilities. It took place right in view of Explore’s live “Puppy Hill” camera at the Service Dog Project farm in Ipswich, MA. Two of the three dogs in the photo are service dogs “out of harness”. They are off duty and

Carlene’s Great Dane Tales from SDP

Carlene White, founder of Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA, trains and places Great Danes with people who live with Multiple Sclerosis, Friedreich’s ataxia, and veterans with disabilities. She updates us regularly with stories of those she helps. “10 year old Bella has spent her life on crutches, in a wheelchair or being carried by

Scarlot’s New Bundles of Joy Are on the Way

It’s official, we’re on puppy watch! We invite you to be there as mom and the team at Service Dog Project welcome Scarlot’s newest litter of future service dogs – due any hour now! – on our Great Dane live cam. Check out the brand new Nursery Cam we’ve installed just for this occasion, and

Presenting Your Service Dog Project Story!

What an adventure! We asked you to tell the tale of ARiot based on the photo above by passing the story line-by-line to your fellow commenters. It’s a little wacky but totally fun! Thank you so much for participating. Without further ado, here’s your Service Dog Project story:

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