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ARiot. Photo by Mark Amirault

Presenting Your Service Dog Project Story!

What an adventure! We asked you to tell the tale of ARiot based on the photo above by passing the story line-by-line to your fellow commenters. It’s a little wacky but totally fun! Thank you so much for participating. Without further ado, here’s your Service Dog Project story:

“What’s the password?” asked Ariot, suspicion in her eyes. “And Do You Have Any Cookies?” ARiot allows you to pass, but as you do she smells your pocket *sniff sniff* “The cost is a cookie!” You immediately give her one, then a second. As you walk forward, ARiot is heard. “Pssst wanna see our SECRET Place?” She sniffed at the air, sensing something different. And then she saw it…the little blue car was parked outside the gate instead of the big red pick-up she usually rode in. That’s when it came to her… the password was BigRed! So she gave Ariot the password and entered. What is this place? Where is this place??? Why am I here? What is my mission? After enjoying her treats, Ariot proceeds to lead you to the ‘secret place’ past Puppy Hill and into the woods.

The whole way ARiot made you swear it was like Vegas, as in What happens in Crazy Acres STAYS in Crazy Acres. As you walked the Super secret path you encounter Bentley, Walter, and Queen Bailey. “ARIOT, where are you going with the human?” “We’re going to the Secret Sniffing Spot,” said Ariot with deadly seriousness in her eyes. Everyone went hush. The trio looked at each other and Walter pulls ARiot aside and whispers. “Make sure you stay away from the tanning salon. Only a few humans are allowed there, okay?” “Oh I know… gonna go see the Secret Sniffing Spot … But got to make sure Wanda and Kiara don’t follow ” “Here’s a clue from Megan and me as to where my secret hideaway may be, it’s over the hill and to the left, just follow the evening star.”

Rose Doggy_Fotor

“But. . .” ARiot stuttered. “This note . . . Is this English? I don’t think it’s English. What does that mean?” She heard a commotion behind her. The Orcas came charging down puppy hill! What was in the woods? It was Chaos! Wanda was riding on Chaos’ back! Faster Chaos! Everyone clear out! Time for Bailey to get her basket!!! Bailey dropped the basket but Kiera was right there to pick it up.

Meanwhile, Chaos and Wanda are still out in the woods. What to do? What to do? Kiera managed to obtain the basket, which was dropped. Then, something caught her eye, in the distance! What could it be? Time to investigate. It was at times like theses when she had a friend…which was a Bloodhound. “Aha” said ARiot …. “Booooooooo where are yoooou!!” So Kiara dropped the basket thinking “Oh goodie , ARiot lets go play with Boo!” So off they went towards the Arena With Captain Jack following. Captain Jack lead ARiot, Boo, and the mysterious human visitor deep into the woods to the Clearing of the Thousand Birdhouses. Boo, not completely trusting Captain Jack, left a trail of milkbones to find her way back home. A Riot knew that, hard as it was to leave those yummy treats behind, it was the best choice if she ever wanted out of this craziness. And she did. Oh yes, she did.

Ultimately she was just watching Grace and wondering how much effort it would take to climb the fence. After all, she is the super escape artist. Little did ARiot know but Wanda was watching her drop the treats. As soon as ARiot was out of sight Wanda collected the treats to use as rat bait. “AHA,” said Wanda. I’ve got those rats right where I want them. Those dirty rats will let the world know about the tanning salon and there is no way they will know since that is why Wanda came into the place to stop the rats and the treats will help stop them.

“Nobody can know about that tanning salon. It would be the end of SDP. The end of Carlene’s dream. That’s a secret that must be kept at all costs,” ARiot said to Tinkerbelle. Gilda peeks out of her hiding place, “Hey Wanda I want to play too, we could be Carlene’s 3 BFFs . “I just want to be with my Grace and Boo”, says Ariot. “I miss them so much!” And miss them she does. Ariot realises that living in the castle with Queen Bailey, Duchess Kiara isn’t always what is best. We have lots of visitors in the castle both our human friends and all our puppy pals but there is no place like #10. I’ll click my paws and repeat “there is no place like #10″ three times. I finally found Boo and we took a bath in the pond (trying to save water for Carlene) . We heard Grace calling from the laundry and ran like the wind.”


Little Tinkerbell watched as the group ran towards the laundry room and Auntie Grace as Wanda gathered the cookies. Tinkerbell walked over to Buddy and asked, “Do you know why all-the-excitement today and who the new human is?” Buddy looked Tinkerbell in the eyes and explained, “Well Tinkerbelle, can you keep a secret? It’s really really classified information. You have to promise, hooves crossed, not to breath a word about this until Carlene makes an announcement.” “We promise,” they all chorused. “Come on, Buddy, tell us. We can’t wait another minute.” “Wait a second,” said Tinkerbelle, “is this going to be that nice lady who brought the Dutch Doggie and left her here?” “Hey now,” said the Dutch Doggie. “I’m standing right here.” Oh…Het spijt me (that’s Dutch for, “I’m sorry”) little Dutch Doggie, replied Tinkerbelle. Okay then,…do you really want to know the secret?” “We do. We do,” they all cried out. “We’re the guards, the watchdogs. How can we do our jobs if we don’t know the secret–what we’re guarding the castle from . . . or for . . . or . . . Oh, you know what we mean,” said Dutch Doggie. Her head swiveled toward the castle. “And WHAT, pray tell, is Wanda doing? She just went streaking across the driveway and into the T tent.” Wanda was just bark-barking at the other NEW humans; they were not in clothes like the usual human. Everyone noticed their clothes had “corners” and dark and their faces were so stern.

Suddenly Queen Bailey, Bentley and Walter sounded the alarm barking. Princess Chaos was doing the “Stink eye” at the door. Mom Carlene took notice, opened the front door with Chaos right at her side. Ariot whispered to Buddy,”Who are these humans??” Buddy answered, “It’s them, Tinkerbelle whispered. “The men from the guvmint. They’re looking for the tanning parlor.” All of them, at once, began to run toward the hidden tanning parlor. “Grab fluffies,” Kiara wheezed. “All you can carry. We’ll cover it up, so they won’t see it.” “And hide the lotion! And trashy beach novels!” hissed Ariot anxiously. Light Footed Wanda, AKA Light Fingers Wanda, lifted a radio and headset from one of the guvmint men and handed it to ARiot along with a pair of dark glasses. ARiot donned the glasses and began barking orders into the radio. ARiot quickly took the accreditation manual and threw it in the fireplace while waiting for the others. They started toward dearest Carlene when one noticed the activity towards puppy hill … ARiot and Tinkerbell said “Oh no, they are headed this way.” Where upon the newest addition quickly approached them. A collective gasp from everyone because these were the feared humans. Little Wanda turned “IT” on and instantly charmed the humans, enough time for everyone to “hide” the  binoculars that allowed those in the barn to keep an eye Yuppy Puppy machine. And to hide ALL signs of the Tanning Salon.

That being done everyone rushed back to the Clearspan Arena and the heated Barns and with lil’ Wanda charming the heck out of the humans from the “guvmint” who by the way whipped out their wallets and made a personal donation to the Fun Fund & marked the paperwork A-OK. ARiot still wanted to go on an adventure so she found the new human and asked “Have you seen Carlene’s Pond?” The Orca’s heard this too, they said “Miss ARiot can we go too?” ARiot said, “Everyone grab a golf cart and put the paw to the metal.” Only those who know the password get to share riverrocks birthday cake, party hats are in the tanning salon!” “Oh, no!” ARiot groaned. “Not in the tanning salon. I just told Tinkerbelle to scatter hay in there. You know, so they could pretend to be eating it and block those guvmint men if they get too close.” Kiara returned from the tanning salon just then, dragging a few shreds of the birthday hats. “They were practicing eating the hay in an emergency,” she said, dropping pieces of hat on the ground. “This is all that’s left.” “Well,” said Buddy, “we can make some new hats. I know where the paint is.”  Wanda said, “Wait, wait, I’ll go and get Grace and she can help us, you know she really loves us.” Wanda made a dash for the House that Jack Built, where Grace was hanging the new curtains she had just made. “Grace, Grace, Grace! You’ve got to come with me. There’s a birthday emergency just outside the tanning parlor.
“Hush, Wanda,” Grace told her. “Those aren’t words to say aloud today. Don’t you know who’s here on the farm?” “Yes, I know, Grace, but please . . .” “I’ll come with you, Wanda.”

They arrived at the meeting place, both of them out of breath after dodging the guvmint men three different times. “Now,” panted Grace, “what’s this about– PAINT! No, no, no, you can’t have paint. Don’t you remember what happened to Walter?”  ARiot “Pleeeeeaaase Auntie Grace what do we do?” and in a rush of sentences they all (at once) begin telling what has been happening. Grace TRIES to take it all in. Grace says “Okay, Buddy and Tinkerbelle you guys take care of the hay in the you-know-where.” “ARiot, go get the accreditation manual out of the fireplace before someone lights the fireplace and before dearest Carlene sees it! Bring it to me I’ll take care of it. The rest of you go to the clearspan arena, I’ll meet you guys there and we will take care of ‘fixing’ the hats!” And off everyone went. As ARiot retrieved the manual from the fireplace tap-tap on ARiot. “Whatcha’ Doin’, can we help?” asks Walter & Opal. “No, thanks,” said ARiot, “You two go back to Honeymoon Hill, we got this.” And behind a tree a little rat was watching.

Giselle watched, silently, from behind the big tree at the top of Puppy Hill while the human talked to the donkeys and the dogs. She couldn’t understand what they said, and she didn’t care. She was watching for her chance to get back to the house and her warm bed under the sink. When they all headed toward the Clearspan Arena, she hightailed it toward the castle. Inside the arena, Grace gathered up paper, scissors, and colored markers while mumbling to herself, “How do I get myself into these things?” Then Grace thought..” WHAT am I saying? I get myself in these things because I Love them, and everything Crazy Acres!!”Jjust then Wanda leaned on Grace’s leg saying “I know I’m small but can I help too?” Which made Grace break into a big smile =D

Meanwhile Giselle got into the castle and was making her way to her sink when all of a sudden a large shadow appeared , she slowly turned around to see the queen of the castle, herself. Giselle froze in place and hoped the pile of fluffies she cowered next to would hide her. It looked like Bailey was heading for the water bucket, and Giselle breathed a sigh of relief as she passed her by with nary a glance. Meanwhile, in the Clearspan Arena, Grace had patiently guided the dogs through the process of folding the paper into new party hats and decorating them with the markers. “Well,” she told them, “I hope no one will notice your technicolor paws. They are very nice hats. What are they for?” “Riverrocks birthday,” ARiot told her. We wrote the password inside all of the party hats. Will you pass them out? And bring the cake? It’s hidden under the desk in an Amazon smile box.” “I’ll pass out the hats and get the cake,” Grace told them, “but you all must keep an eye on those G-men. They’ve got a funny look in their eyes that I don’t like at all. I saw one of them looking in the refrigerator in the T tent. Like there could be a tanning parlor in there.”

Well, back in the castle Queen Bailey decided to nap on her throne. Giselle settled in under the sink noting the fireplace was more comfy BUT lil’ Wanda protects it. In the Clearspan Arena Auntie Grace left to get the cake for Riverrock when she was met by Auntie Pam and told her of the “going ons”. “Hey Grace you know that it is also Uncle Bud’s Birthday too.” At the same time they said “Lets make another cake!!!” Victoria happened to overhear and ran to the Arena to tell the others. Everyone was so excited and a spontaneous surprise party was planned.”I’ll give the details to Auntie Grace”, said ARiot. Buddy and Tinkerbell said they would tell Annie .”We need Megan & Kati’s help,  you know to go to Costco”, said the human. The party was to take place in the arena because it’s starting to really get bigger than we thought, and we need more help so get cat Bird to help and Bentley you know a lot of the ladies so you ask them. Just then ARiot had a sudden albeit brilliant idea. She made a biiiig sign and ran to #10, placed it in camera shot. It said “CPs Come 1 come All to the bestest Par-ty of all.” It will be known World wide as DogFest ’15. Suddenly ARiot felt a lick then a nuzzle and she awoke and realized this was a dream, a nice dream but none the less a dream and Kiara was waking her to play. So the two began to play when the front door of the house opened and the Dots & Martha bounded in. Momma Pam said “Lets go everyone to puppy hill to play!” Off the group went then ARiot spotted over there hiding behind the trees, the humans wearing the clothes with the corners. The ones called ‘The Guvmint’. Hmmm What to do, I don’t think THIS is a dream!!! So ARiot then called momma Pam asked her to call 4wheel girl and scooter Karen because they have wheels and maybe could scare off the Guvmint men.

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