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It’s easy to mistake a Great Dane for a horse

Some definitions of the gallop might describe all four feet off the ground at once, which can happen; so does one foot at a time.

In service dog training, even a bad experience can be good.

Much of the early training at Service Dog Project involves food. From about the third week, pups are given their own dish or spoonful, and they must learn to wait. We never use the puppy feeding saucers that seem to encourage pushing and shoving in our opinion.  

Service Dogs Have All the Right Moves

A well-behaved Dane must never jump on people. Unless he’s been invited to. These two are practicing for dancing with stars (Bentley will be the star).

Movin’ on Up (and Down) with the help of a Great Dane

Meet Dan and Casper. In the years BC (Before Casper) Dan was barely getting around with hardware such as crutches and wheelchairs. Casper changed his life. Together they are a perfect pair, trusting each other as they move down steps of the museum without the security of a handrail; they go out into a world

For Great Dane moms, love truly comes from within

This was not funny; poor chaos got mastitis while nursing her pups – a very painful infection of her mammary glands. We had to prevent the pups from nursing. Taking mom away would be one way, except chaos wanted to take care of her pups in spite of the fact we could not let her

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