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My Time on Hog Island: Abigail Muscat

By: Abigail Muscat Arriving at the dock in Bremen, ME, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Thinking about the fact that I was about to spend a week on an island in Muscongus Bay looking at birds as part of the Coastal Maine Bird Studies for Teens Camp — it was a dream come true. I

Daily Dose of Love: Not Just Puffins On The Puffin Boulder

Tern Tern Terns! Sure, cute and colorful puffins are the marquee stars of the Audubon Puffin Boulder Berm Cam, but thousands of other seabirds make Maine’s Seal Island their summer home, too. Arctic terns, guillemots, murres, and seagulls enjoy the sun, surf, and sanctuary the island provides to raise their own families! Rick | explore.org

Join Our Puffin Live Chat From Seal Island

UPDATE! The live chat will now take place Friday, June 10th at 6pm ET / 3pm PT. Project Puffin’s Research Supervisors Keenan Yakola and Isabel Brofsky are back on Seal Island, spending the summer in the Gulf of Maine researching puffins, guillemots, cormorants, and the other seabirds we’ve grown to love. And on Thursday, June

We always forget about the little black guillemot, a relative of the puffin. On a worldwide basis, it’s more rare than a puffin … they’re like little black holes—people just don’t notice them. They’re all black except for these small white wing patches, and they have lovely red feet and red mouth lining. So we decided that since we never really do too much with the guillemots, that once a year we’d celebrate them on Guillemot Appreciation Day, June 27, with song and dance and poems.

Susan Schubel, Project Puffin Outreach Educator