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GRACE Gorillas Singing in the Forest

Did you know gorillas sing? When they are especially enjoying their food, they make little noises of delight and contentment. A sort of gorilla version of a cat purring. The video below is a heartwarming look (and listen!) showing some very happy gorillas. It is quite special and not often recorded. At GRACE, the gorillas

Lubutu’s Journey: A Rehabilitation Success Story from GRACE

Just like wild gorillas, the Grauer’s gorillas at GRACE live together in a cohesive social group. Each gorilla was rescued as an infant, and the chance to live and grow in a surrogate family with other gorillas is a crucial part of their rehabilitation. But the GRACE gorillas aren’t babies anymore, they’re teenagers and young

gorilla family

Watch 98.6% Human, A Short Film About The Connection Between Humans and Mountain Gorillas

Explore went on a philanthropic fact-finding mission to Rwanda to discover that humans and mountain gorillas share 98.6% of their genetic makeup. So many similarities exist, from their eyesight to their sense of smell. By observing and interacting with the gorillas, you are able to see that they really are gentle giants, and indeed very close


mothernaturenetwork: 16 famous animal conservationists See more about endangered species and the amazing fights to save them at explore.org.

Cat Fact Wednesday: Koko

Cat Fact Wednesday Check out the Dogfather here! Perhaps the most famous story of cross-species caring was Koko the gorilla and her kitten, All Ball. “The cover photo alone is all that is needed to ‘sell’ this book: the smallest, most delicate of kitten profiles in the massively careful embrace of a glistening gorilla, whose

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