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Decorah Eagles Announcement!

From Raptor Resource Project: Well here we are again….another eagle season is upon us and I know it has been very hard for everyone to take that short break!  We are really excited about the coming year and what we have to offer to you all.  The BIG news is that we have expanded our

Peregrine falcons are new on explore!

Continuing our wonderful partnership with Raptor Resource Project of Decorah Eagle North Nest fame, the Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine Falcon Cam is new on explore!

Meet Falcons – Dori and Louie

If you’re a fan of the Osprey and Owl Live Cams, check out the Peregrine Falcon Cam from Animal Planet. Peregrine Falcons have nested in downtown Pittsburgh since 1991. For 21 years they nested at the Gulf Tower, then they left it for a new site across the street from Point Park University in 2012