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Photo courtesy of Raptor Resource Project

Decorah Eagles Announcement!

From Raptor Resource Project:

Well here we are again….another eagle season is upon us and I know it has been very hard for everyone to take that short break!  We are really excited about the coming year and what we have to offer to you all.  The BIG news is that we have expanded our viewing options and we will be moving to an ad-free platform for viewing the Decorah Eagles.  You will be able to experience our moderated chat offered for the Decorah Eagles and the Decorah North Eagles just as you have before.  We have also added the Decorah Eagles to the RRP cameras offered on explore.org.  What does that mean?  You can watch the Decorah Eagles, the Decorah North Eagles, and the Great Spirit Bluff Falcons with all the great features of the Explore platform too! 

Our goal is to share the lives of these amazing raptors with as many of you as possible and now you have more options to do just that.  Enjoy!

DN4 & DN5

DN4 & DN5

We are delighted to welcome yet another camera to the explore.org family and allow our community the chance to see more of nature’s true wonders. Plans to turn the cameras on will occur at 8:00am Central on Saturday, October 7th!

When we go live you can watch the Decorah Eagle cameras here and the Great Spirit Bluff camera here!