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Falcon mom Michelle feeds her chicks

Peregrine falcons are new on explore!

Continuing our wonderful partnership with Raptor Resource Project of Decorah Eagle North Nest fame, the Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine Falcon Cam is new on explore!

This live cam brings us into the home of a falcon pair (banded female “Michelle’ and male “Newman”) as they raise four fluffy chicks to fledglings. Built on a cliff face high above the Mississippi River, the nest is open for us to watch the chicks grow.

In the next few weeks, the parents will nourish the little ones on birds they catch in mid-air by diving into their prey at 200 mph. The chicks will make their first flights in about a month, then go off on their own in late August or mid-September. The adults stay on territory until late fall. And while the male and female leave at roughly the same time, they aren’t believed to migrate together.

Stop by the Peregrine Falcon nest and welcome a new family to explore!

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EXPLORE The Complete – Great Spirit Bluff Falcon Live Camera Experience