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Gibson the service dog

Oh, we found your sweet spot – your pets and service animals! 

We’ve gotten so many wonderful replies to Love Your Pet Day. Here’s one we love for Dogma Thursday:

My name is Diana and I was thrilled this past August to welcome Gibson, my Service Dog, into my life.  I enjoy the independence that having a Service Dog brings to me as I’m in a wheelchair.  I live with Mitochondrial Disease.  This is a rare progressive degenerative disease.  Gibson does so much more for me just than opening doors, picking up the TV remote or other items, and pulling off my socks.  He totally completes my life.  He is my whole world.  What’s funny is we both love the color purple, thus his cape is purple with service dog patches on the side.  Not to mention his purple leash and collar.  Purple looks very good against his deep black lab fur.  We are a team and are inseparable.  I can’t remember how I lived life before without him.  I may be a grown woman that needs round the clock care from my parents and other caregivers but Gibson gives me freedom and is a companion that comforts me and gives me unconditional love that I’m not sure I deserve.  We have formed a very strong bond as we do everything together.  The bottom line is we can’t live without each other.  We are a team.

Diana & Gibson

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