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Dance In India

Though Bharatanatyam dance has Hindu origins, it is now practiced by Hindus and non-Hindus alike for its beauty and story telling capabilities. Come learn the language of dance in this short video,

The Language of Dance: India

The Language of Dance: India Did You Know? During the 19th century, Indian dance was suppressed in Victorian-era, colonized India. With independence in the mid-20th century, came a revival of the tradition in classical and new age form. Read more about Indian dance here, and explore more of India here.

Joni Mitchell – Blue

Fly Like An Egyptian

Even if this razorbill wasn’t born in the 80s, that doesn’t mean it can’t get into the groove! Heading for land, this seabird angles its tail feathers downward to maximize lift as it slows for a smooth touchdown. Photo Courtesy Of:bonjourlepingouin: C’est exactement ce que je voulais faire. Aujourd’hui Michael, pendant pingouinesque de Pouf le

So it’s Monday

Yeah, so it’s Monday. But we still got those African drums from yesterday calling us back across the Atlantic. This portrait above is a young Maasai warrior in East Africa. Eunoto is the Maasai warrior ceremony that involves, among other traditions, the mother shaving her son’s long “ochre-stained” hair as he transitions from a young to senior warrior and