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Cam Alert! Autumn Hours on the Bear Cam

Backpack and Otis are here to update you on the new Autumn Hours for the Bear Cams. With the light low in the northern fall skies, our feed will be live from these new hours (and stay tuned for updates).

three brown bears

See the “Butt” Photo Contest Winners!

The “end” is here, and we have the winners from Juergen’s hosted “Animal Butt Contest.” We’ll start the list from the “rear” up. (OK, OK, no more puns! See the winners and full results here.)

brown bear indy goes fishing

Meet Indy and Learn to Fish

Meet one of our newest bears on the Bear Cam. Viewer riverrock :0) has helped with our Citizen Science and offers this excellent description of our quick-footed bear.

Possible Cub Adoption

We have some pretty exciting news from the Lower River Cam. A possible – and if so, rare – cub adoption in Katmai National Park seems to have taken place. The cub was separated from its mother when 402 mated while still with her 1.5-year-old cub. It appears now, the cub may have a new home.