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Big Cat Rescue Plans for Hurricane Irma

As many of you know, Hurricane Irma is set to hit Florida in the next day or so. With a category five storm heading their way, many viewers have voiced concern regarding the safety of Big Cat Rescue and how they plan to keep all their big cats, and themselves, safe during this time.

Thankfully, Big Cat Rescue has been dutifully planning ahead for this storm, including coming up with a critical disaster plan, and have spent the past few weeks preparing their sanctuary:

“We have spent the several weeks taking down all of the trees that were killed in the drought, and chipping the wood so there aren’t logs flying around.  Even today we are still trimming up trees to remove broken or rotten branches.  We’ve been bringing everything in under cover so it won’t become a flying missile.”

Caregivers and staff will be residing in the safest building in their sanctuary, the gift shop, as it is one of the two concrete buildings on site that will offer them maximum protection.

Big Cat Rescue is also prepared to lose power and luckily have new fuel tanks available if they do. They have been steadily acquiring supplies to help them brave the storm and have updated their Amazon Wishlist to incorporate items that they believe they will need during this time.

If you want to learn more about Big Cat Rescue’s Hurricane Irma plan, please click here.

We hope to be in constant communication with Big Cat Rescue and are sending them nothing but good thoughts.

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