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Three Hungry Chicks

Rachel and Steve’s family are done hatching and growing strong. With this new video you can relive all the excitement when they first greeted their parents in the nest. Click here to watch the video and check out the Explore.org YouTube Channel for more like this. Ospreys grow quickly and around 50 days old, these

The Second Chick Has Hatched!

Early this morning, West Coast time, Rachel and Steve’s second egg hatched!  Our live cam caught the hatching at 6:45am PDT on June 6th. The final egg should hatch in the next 24-72 hours. They seem to be popping out and can’t wait to join the family in the nest! Watch it all on the

It’s Official – The Last Trimester!

Ok, Ospreys don’t have trimesters, but Rachel and Steve can start expecting hatchlings very soon! The three eggs were laid a few days apart with the second laid on April 30th. Osprey eggs incubate for an average of 38 days. We are now in day 31! Sometime in the coming week, we can expect the tiny