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Murres of Seal Island

We visited the Razorbills/Auks of  the Puffin Loafing Ledge, now meet the Murres. Abundant, penguin-like birds of the cooler northern oceans, Common Murres can be seen sitting upright on cliffs. Common Murres weigh about 2.2 pounds (990 grams), and measure about 17.5 inches in length, with a wingspan of 26 inches. Sexes look similar, with a

On a Clear Day

In this short video, see the Auks and Puffins decorating the Loafing Ledge on Seal Island, Maine. Over the coming weeks, our crew and partners at Audubon will be preparing for the summertime live cam. While we wait, check out these videos of our fledgling Puffin, Hope, and see the Penguins and Ospreys who are

Too Cute Tuesday

Feeling lovey today? These Guillemots are. The Audubon Society says, “Sexes look similar. But for a snowy white, oval upper wing patch, the birds are well-named for their all-black bodies. In winter, however, they appear predominantly white. The Black Guillemot’s striking scarlet legs and mouth lining play a role in courtship during breeding season.” Guillemot “courtship takes