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Too Cute Tuesday

Feeling lovey today? These Guillemots are. The Audubon Society says, “Sexes look similar. But for a snowy white, oval upper wing patch, the birds are well-named for their all-black bodies. In winter, however, they appear predominantly white. The Black Guillemot’s striking scarlet legs and mouth lining play a role in courtship during breeding season.”

Guillemot “courtship takes place in the water with one bird swimming around the other which spins to face it. They sometimes indulge in communal displays, several pairs circling and bobbing or standing up and flapping their wings… The male and female birds take turns to incubate the egg, balancing it on their feet, covering it with their belly plumage. After about 4 weeks, a grey, almost helpless youngster hatches and it will stay on its ledge for four to five weeks” before leaving for migration season. Learn more here and check out more photos of the Auks of Seal Island at Explore.org.