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Fishing By Snorkeling

By Mike Fitz To catch salmon in Brooks River, brown bears employ many different fishing techniques. Most simply, they wait, sitting or standing in one spot while salmon come to them. When particularly hungry, they’ll chase fish, especially in early summer when the salmon first arrive. A few bold and assertive bears will attempt to

Trekking to See Wild Giant Pandas

Here’s an entry one of our volunteers, Colleen Lawrence, submitted, addressing the issues around trekking through panda country.  Lawrence writes, “Travel Companies will take you trekking for the possibility to see a wild giant panda. There is no guarantee that you will get to see a giant panda at all. However, it is guaranteed that you

Working Together To Save Pandas

Annette Yuen, the Pandas International consultant to CCRCGP, recently attended the 3rd Cross-Strait Giant Panda Conservation Education Seminar in Hong Kong on behalf of Pandas International. Wolong representatives and partnering organizations also shared the latest updates on giant panda conservation and education work, and provided progress reports on giant pandas who have gone through re-introduction training

Did You Guess Right?

There’s a riddle game going around on Facebook. You may have seen some friends’ profile pics turn into giraffes. If you’re playing, you can find some original photos of African giraffes here at explore.org! Did You Know? Giraffe conservation in Namibia has exceeded expectations. Giraffes are recovering there in a communal effort along with zebra, oryx,


mothernaturenetwork: 16 famous animal conservationists See more about endangered species and the amazing fights to save them at explore.org.