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The Round Island Cabin Life

By Diana Johnson, Alaska Department of Fish and Game This is the ADF&G cabin on Round Island. It has two stories and a deck in the front, facing the ocean. The water is a ways below us, but we can see and hear walruses and sea lions coming up for air as they swim past.

Sea Lions: Unsung Stars of Round Island

By Margaret Archibald, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Walruses are just a part of the reason that Ryan Morrill and I are on Round Island. We’re also here because at the southeastern edge of the island, in an area we call the East Cape, there’s an important year-round haul-out for the endangered western population

Watch our cams, help the walruses!

Explore and our partners at Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) bring you ultra-rare live views of thousands of hauled-out walruses on the beaches of the remote Round Island. When viewers like you watch the Walrus Cam, you become the eyes and ears of ADF&G, monitoring the site in a way that’s not feasible

Hit the beach with the walruses of Round Island!

Get your beach bod ready – the Summer of Blubber has returned! Explore continues our partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to bring you live cameras from the beaches and cliffs of Round Island, extremely rare views of the summer vacation spot for thousands of pacific walruses.

Live Chat: Walrus Season Wrap Up!

The “Summer of Blubber” has ended on Round Island, home of the Walrus Cam, and Walrus Wardens Ben Histand and Ryan Morrill are joining us Wednesday, August 19th at 12pm PT to wrap up the season!

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