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Mei Ling the Panda Bear

Meet Mei Ling

Mei Ling (美龄), whose name means Beautiful Soul, was born at Wolong on September 1, 2004. He is the youngest of the first set of twins born to Hua Mei (whose mother is Bai Yun at the San Diego Zoo). Mei Ling’s twin (originally named Hua Ling) is Tuan Tuan – new father to Yuan

Meet Tootsie

Meet Tootsie, an adoptable dog at the Animal Wellness Foundation. Before her rescue, Tootsie was a stray who got hit by a car and suffered severe trauma. She is blind as a result of her accident, but that doesn’t stop her from being warm and friendly to everyone she meets. If you think you’re a good

Lola Is Ready For A Home

Meet Lola’s corgi-mix nose. This 10-year-old sweetie was rescued by the Animal Wellness Foundation from a Los Angeles shelter. Her nose has traveled a rough road, but now it’s ready to follow someone home who loves her! If you’re interested in Lola, contact the Animal Wellness Foundation.

Sweet Faced Saint Bernard Ready For A Home

Any Woodland, CA residents looking for a sweet-faced Saint Bernard? You can inquire about this big boy through Petfinder.

Adopt A Pup From Muttville

We couldn’t resist featuring this adoptable labrador senior from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Available in San Francisco, contact Muttville for more information.