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Get chummy with the walrus dudes of Round Island

Hit the beach with the walruses of Round Island!

Get your beach bod ready – the Summer of Blubber has returned! Explore continues our partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to bring you live cameras from the beaches and cliffs of Round Island, extremely rare views of the summer vacation spot for thousands of pacific walruses.

Each year, while female walruses and their young pups follow the receding ice north, the males haul-out to laze around the warmer beaches of Alaska’s Bristol Bay. And what do males do when they hang out without females? Shove, burp, grunt, and eat. Join them, won’t you!

Start with a trip to Main Beach, where hundreds of walrus bros have already gathered for the season. Soon we’ll see them on First Beach, a favorite sleeping and chiming spot from early June on. From the cliffs high above, spot foxes, ravens, and nesting seabirds while catching breathtaking views of the waters and sunsets of Bristol Bay. Spend your summer relaxing, clamming, and beaching with the walruses of Alaska’s Round Island!

EXPLORE The Complete – Walrus Live Camera Experience