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CamOp Photo Winners: August

Happy Friday! What is the best way to end the week? Why, with glorious CamOp Photo winners! So, without further ado here are the photo winners for August: FIRST PLACE A special Katmai sunset Brooks Falls CamOp Aspire, August 21, 2017   RUNNER-UPS 503 does aerobics in the jacuzzi Brooks Falls CamOp Fawn, August 21,

Testing the Water by Mike Fitz

At Brooks Falls, most bears tend to focus their efforts at one or two fishing spots. More rarely, a bear will learn to fish successfully almost anywhere at the falls. 503 has used several different fishing spots at Brooks Falls this year—the far pool, near the downed log, the jacuzzi, and the lip. Is he

Daily Dose Of Love: Brown Bear Bromance!

Brown Bear Best Buds Perhaps the best part of spending summers with the brown bears of Katmai National Park is seeing their personalities shine through the years. 10-year old bear #151 Walker has been playing with his cubadult friend 503 for a few seasons now. Their long-standing relationship brings a smile to bear cam fans

Daily Dose of Love: Whip It Real Good!

Get it 503! When a brown bear finds a stray towel at Brooks Falls what does it do? Well plays with it of course, silly! I think we all have decided that bears (of all sizes) are always kids (or maybe puppies?) at heart. Watch our Brown Bear Live Cam every day for more bear fun! Dara | explore.org