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A collared female leads her cubs on the sea ice. Collars are the best way that scientists can track polar bears in the middle of Hudson Bay.

Polar Bear Aurora Heading Straight to Quebec

Hi everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since we last checked in with Aurora and her cubs, and since our last update they have moved only 22.44 km (13.94 mi) in a straight-line. However, we are only checking in once a week, which means there could have been lots of meandering or zigzagging during that time.

Aurora still looks as though she’s heading right across Hudson Bay; there are no signs that she will be turning back toward her own coast any time soon. She is well over halfway to Quebec by now and is still the easternmost and southernmost polar bear from the Western Hudson Bay subpopulation on the PBI Bear Tracker.

We’ll check in again in a couple weeks to see if she’s decided to keep on blazing her own trail or if she’s heading back to her home base. We wish her happy hunting until then!

Alysa McCall
Polar Bears International

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