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Explore Virtual Tour

Explore explore in a new 3D virtual tour!

Explore’s live cams can transport you all over the world, from our series of Africa Cams in Kenya, to the playful pandas in Sichuan, China – even right outside our offices for spectacular sunset views from Santa Monica. Now you can take a virtual trip inside explore HQ, with a new 3D tour that you control!

We got our hands on a Matterport Camera and turned it to our California bungalow. This is where the magic happens. Use the player below to control where the camera moves and sees. Have fun exploring!

  • JoeBear

    Very cool! :))

  • https://twitter.com/@WhiteCliffs Momo

    This was so fun- what a great idea, thanks!!

  • Juergen

    great Idea, would love to sit at a office table there and work for you!!!LOL

  • CamOp_Greg


  • superseed

    Nice! What jobs do you currently available? :)

  • CamOp_CairosMom

    That was great. Thanks for inviting us in for a visit.

  • Margaret

    Wow….this is great. Thanks for the tour. You have a very nice place.

  • CamOp_Pan

    This was FUN!!!! Thanks for letting peek into the Explore.Org offices.

  • djmak

    So big,I almost got lost.

  • BigCatRescue

    They should have had each of you at your desk while filming so we could get an idea of who works where.

  • Justus Mason

    Huge!!!!!! I wish it was my house