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Snapshot by Pine Butte

Polar Bear Week Snapshot Contest!

Polar Bear Week is coming! We’re dedicating November 1-7 to celebrate the Arctic animal and help preserve their environment. We’ve partnered with Polar Bears International to bring you our series of Polar Bear Cams streaming live from the Churchill tundra. And PBI’s got a ton of activities and live chats lined up, plus tips you can try to help save the polar bears in your everyday life.

For Explore, Polar Bear Week is all about contests, sharing moments (and prizes). So we’re kicking things off with a snapshot contest!

Simply log in with your explore account, use the snapshot camera feature and post your shot in the comments below any of the Churchill Polar Bear Cams! We’ll be giving out prizes for many of your snapshots, so click and share to win!

For a quick tutorial on how to sign up / sign in, take snapshots, and post, follow along below:

First, you’ll need an Explore account. Click Sign up. Have an account? Log in.


When the menu pops up, enter your information, and if you sign up for explore’s newsletter we’ll send you exclusive news, updates, and the best live cam highlights.

Tutorial 2

Now, take a snapshot from any of the Polar Bear Cams by clicking the camera icon at an awesome moment.

Tutorial 3

Then you’re given the option to share on social media and download to your computer. When you save it you can post it to the comments under the Polar Bear Cam player and *poof!* you’ve entered the contest!


We can’t wait to see your snapshots and send you prizes! Stay tuned this week for more fun and more contests!

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