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Snowy Owl Live Chat with Owl Research Institute’s Denver Holt!

Owl Research Institute recently studied the snowy owls of Barrow, Alaska. Joining us to talk about their findings is ORI founder Denver Holt. He’ll be live on the Great Gray Owl cam Wednesday, August 29th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT to answer your questions, so ask away in this blog post!

  • Poppy

    For awolTom
    What are the chances of getting the Snowy owl cam back?

  • RknRbnTX

    From TTinCT (Charlo Osprey chat):
    “If you would be kind enough to forward this suggestion. Thank You.
    I was thinking that it would be nice to put up a St. Louis-type of arch (or 2 criss-crossing each other to form an X on top) straddling the nest so that at least the fly-by harassment, in theory, would stop. In the case of Charlo it would have to be on the perch area, if not another in the nest area also
    Something quick and inexpensive.
    Although the mannequin was happily and seemingly very effective at Hog’s Island in Maine it supposedly would not work unless it was moved and changed and possibly lit-up. That was relatively convenient and probably even a bit fun for the residents but might not work as easily in this case or at other nests that have the same problem.”

  • Meadow

    Hi, Denver and team, xoxo!! When seeing the Snowy owl eggs awhile ago with many lemming all around them, I was wondering how the eggs and owlets survive when sitting in plain view with nothing to hide them and food all around, when parents aren’t around, doing a flyabout or when the owlets are old enough to be alone for a bit? Thank you for all that you do for all of these precious owls, :)

  • Meadow

    Was wondering after the GHO knocking off one of the Charlo fledglings off the perch, if it is only territorial which does make sense. Is it maybe because the fledglings are flying around their area now over by the owl’s nest this year checking everything out? And are the fledged owlets still around, usually they are around until the fall…?