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Otis-athon: Can You Keep Up With How Many Fish Otis Can Eat in A Day 

Otis has had a particularly large appetite as he’s been dining at the dinner table at Brooks Falls. So much so that’s it’s been tough to keep count on just how many he’s been eating. So we’re turning to you!

The first person who reports back to us the correct (or closest to correct) number of salmon Otis eats tomorrow starting at 10am Eastern Time, 7am Pacific Time, gets a prize! Contest ends at 10pm PST, Saturday, September 6th. You are allowed to form a team of people to collect your count – teams are limited to 5 or less. Submit your final count at the end of the day to: feedback@explore.org.

The prize? A Bear Cam mug, tote or hat, depending on your preference.

Our camera operators are going to make sure you have the best view of Otis on the Live Cam here.
How many do you think Otis will eat tomorrow? Put your best guess in the comments.


  1. Cbuitron

    15 fish

  2. Linda Jett aka Joanie aka IRL_

    I’m gonna say 25-35.

  3. Farmgirl

    Otis is going to eat 18 fish:-)))

  4. Monica

    My guess is 31

  5. San Diego Grandma

    22 fish for Otis at McFalls

  6. Cail

    17 yummy delectable fish for the Object of Our concentration, the Outstanding (or should I say Outsitting) in the water….Otis.

  7. Luv2fishdarlene

    I think around 40 fish!

  8. Cincygirl

    I think it is 0

  9. Nicki Head

    My guess is 27 fish!

  10. havaseat

    Still 11

  11. sambuzzard

    Lucky number seven

  12. iloveak

    i think a no show

  13. SharY

    Otis’ fishing skills are so fine….let’s go with salmon caught at number 29!

  14. Cincygirl

    New guess 7 and a half

  15. Animalover90


  16. rshaw1

    My guess for the amount of salmon that Otis ate at BF today is 0.

  17. Harleywdo

    22 is my guess

  18. Gillian

    Hmmm, it would seem he has been a no show practically all day. I haven’t seen him & only read Ranger J saw him for a short while on LR. So this will be a total guess of confirm numbers, I’m guessing 2.

  19. Cail

    Otis….go fish…..

  20. Jean

    Just a guess 16 fish

  21. Nancy McLaren Clark

    We didn’t see him eat any.

  22. Linda Jett-Joanie-IRL_Joanie

    I personally saw him eat 3 fish in the Lower River area. I could not tell if Otis was Otis at his normal spot at Brooks Falls, it was just to hard for any of us via cams to see it was him. As he went up the Lower River heading towards Naknek Lake, I did see him eat 3 fish before going off camera for the rest of the day. I believe I have video of at least 2 of the fish.

  23. MChez

    My “guess-ta-ment” would be a generous 23. Go Otis!

  24. Springermom

    I didn’t see him eat any, the bugger was hiding, but I’ll say he can eat 32 fish in 15 hours! Go Otis!!!

  25. MrsBoomer

    Otis was in hiding on count day.

  26. Jacqueline White


  27. Aaron Sirovy

    7 total

  28. JoeBear

    Did anyone see him long enough to count?

  29. Alexander Korsunov


  30. Alexander Korsunov


  31. Alexander Korsunov


  32. Alexander Korsunov