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Osprey Drama on Hog Island!

This just in! Rachel and Steve are not the only birds that are vying for the Hog Island nest this season! In order to do the proper sleuthing, stay tuned for our second blog post with additional photos.

This photo collage shows the two birds that first were sighted returning to the Hog Island nest on Friday.

The closeups are all focused on the female, which you can compare to these photos from one of our archived blog posts comparing the markings of Steve and Rachel.

What do you see?

Note the definition between the white on the back of her head and the single dark spot in the center of the back of her head. This looks very consistent with the photos we have captured of Rachel last year.

This is why we consequently concluded that the pair was Rachel and Steve who, after a successful summer of raising three chicks on Hog Island, and a winter in South America, had once again returned home.

But wait! The plot thickensā€¦. Check out our second post to take a look at the newest Osprey hanging around our little sliver of Maine coastlineā€¦.