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A view of West Virginia.

Watch “West Virginia Special”- A Short Film

Explore travels to the heart of Appalachia and experiences the hidden gem that is West Virginia. This short film shows you how coal mining has had a major impact on each and every life in West Virginia. You will learn about the environmental impact coal mining has had on the land, economic problems that have resulted from big business moving in and health problems that plague the citizens due to mining. After spending time in West Virginia and seeing the problems and dangers that exist due to to the coal mining industry, the Annenberg Foundation has donated 2.5 million dollars to help fund the building of a new elementary school. The old school sat below a lake of 2 billion tons of toxic sludge. At any moment the dam could break and flood the school and those in its path with toxic coal slurry. Watch this moving Explore special as we take you into the heart of coal mines and the people who have built this country.