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dumpling mountain alaska

Scenic View from Dumpling Mountain, picture from Genny

Expert Live Chat: Bears & Dumpling Mountain

Climb Dumpling Mountain tomorrow – Tuesday, October 14th – and join Ranger Mike, Aaron and Landis for a Live Chat from the top of the mountain here. The team will be discussing Katmai’s Land and Lakes from 2pm – 3pm AK (that’s 3pm Pacific start time and 6pm Eastern).

From high on Dumpling Mountain (elev 2440′, 744m) you can see all of Brooks Camp, and much of the surrounding country. On a clear day you can even see the active volcanoes that border the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

Fast Facts: 

  • Dumpling Mountain ranges 1500-1600 ft high along a 2.5 mile trek.
  • The summit overlooks a gorgeous vista of Naknek lake below.
  • The largest glaciers in the park are 3-4 miles wide and 10-12 miles long. These glaciers feed a series of rivers, ponds, streams, and marshes, and lakes including Nanek.
  • Katmai National Park covers 4,093,077 acres, which is roughly the size of Wales.
  • The park includes 18 volcanoes. 7 have been active since 1900, making Katmai one of the world’s most active volcanic centers today. – See more here.

Join us tomorrow and enter your questions for the rangers in the comments section here!

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