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brown bear fishing

Bear Butt Fishing, Snapshot from JUERG

Final Phase of the “Bear Butts” Contest

Your best days aren’t behind you and this isn’t the tail end of things. You still have time to join in the games, so get off your derriere and vote! Here’s how:

  1. Choose your top 5 favorite pictures from the Flickr album: animal butt album for contest.
  2. Your top favorite pic gets 5 Points, your second favorite 4 Points and so on…
  3. The pics in the album are identified with a number. To vote, choose your top five and order each with the points you are assigning, for example: pic # 123 gets 5 points, pic #987 gets 4 points etc…
  4. The pic with the highest points will win and we’ll assign the top five winners in order of points.
  5. Got it?
  6. Ready?
  7. OK! Vote by submitting your nominations in the comments section of this blog post below!


  • First prize was donated by Bear Cam viewer Stacy: a chocolate gift box
  • Second prize donated by luvnature: A copy of the film ‘The Ends of the Earth” and a Katmai National Park lapel pin
  • Third prize donation from eastender NC: Disney’s move “Bears,” since it does have some scenes from Brooks Falls!
  • Explore.org will be donating other bear-related prizes to every winner from their collection

Organized by Bear Cam fan Juergen, voting will start TODAY – Monday September 29th – and will end Friday October 3rd at 23:59 pm AKTSo go on – get in on it below!

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