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Caption This Contest (New for 9/29/14)

The fish are jumping and the water is high. Caption This photo and enter our contest, new for this Monday, September 29th.

This great snapshot comes from Martina Kinderke. Post your captions in the comments below and we’ll announce the winner next week. Stay tuned for the list of winners from last week’s contest later today.

You can see the Caption This Contest Winners from 9/15, and 9/8 here. Go on… give it your best shot!

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  • mosaic_world

    Backpack: Hey Otis, here comes a big fish with your name written all over it.
    Otis: Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.
    Backpack: I’m not kidding, its says, “Otis, I’m all yours! <3". Sheesh, a young adult can't get a break.

    • SarahBear

      I love it!!!!!!!!

    • SarahBear

      p.s. I totally hyuked a bunch!

  • Ronnie

    I’m having a problem entering the bear caption contest – it won’t open up for me to enter.

  • buckeye

    Bear 1 “Who were you rooting for in the game last night?” Bear 2 “DAaa Beearz”

  • cbearfalls

    There is no “i” in team but there is in “fish”.

  • cbearfalls

    Teams share the burden and divide the fish.

    • SarahBear

      Awww, if only, ya know? Nobody want’s a team anymore :(

  • antiquelfc

    BP Wow Wonder why that guy(Lurch) is always licking his lips, Hope Im not on the Menu!

  • cbearfalls

    The successful bear is the average bear, focused. Multiply that by two and we will conquer The Falls together.

  • Cynthia Mayeaux

    Hi Bob, how was your weekend? Well, back to the Monday morning grind.

    • SarahBear


  • http://www.piecesofheaven1.com/ PegWhitted

    Otis: I know I just saw one in there, he thinks I’m a rock!
    Backpack: If I’m real quiet, maybe Otis won’t chase me off. Hope, Hope. . .

  • SweetPea

    Hey were not English Pointer dogs, we are Brown Bears from Katmai, lets catch some fish.

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    Awwww calgon take us away wait do the falls make my butt look big?

  • iloveak

    hey Otis you see what i see

  • BirdyGirly

    Oh man, I have to share with Otis AGAIN!

    • SarahBear

      Otis is all “Hell no! Share? If you mean cleaning up my scraps then that’ll work!”

      • BirdyGirly


  • KAT in TX

    Backpack ~ Heir Apparent to Otis ~ King of Brooks Falls

  • Deborah

    Who cut the cheese?

  • jigsallot

    ” ya know, I haven’t seen a fish in over an hour. What do ya say we go over to the lodge, get a burger and watch the people run around and scream ? “

  • lilac

    Hey Kid, did ya hear that? Was that Thunder? SNIFF, SNIFF…OH YUK!……OTIS!!!

  • jigsallot

    “Hey BP, your not going to believe what Lurch did in my office… AND THIS IS WHERE I EAT !!! “

  • heidibelle

    Backpack, I THINK I’m your father.
    Say what? Man, that’s cool!
    Ya think I do nothin’ but fish all day? And drop the rock thing – cute, not cool
    Aw dad…
    Take your place at the falls…
    I will dad – I will…really, no more rock?
    Hush…got some fishin’ to do…

  • Sue

    “Otis, I know we need the extra pounds for the winter but your love handles are getting pretty big!”

  • Sue

    “They say the early bird gets the worm. Does that mean us early bears get the fishes?”

  • Carli Chapman

    Marco… Polo…. Marco ….. Polo

  • Mar

    Otis: “BP what ya looking at?”
    BP: “Space.”
    Otis: “Why?”
    BP: “It’s the final frontier!”

  • lilac

    Time sure drags between fish Otis. I know something that can help. Whats that Otis. Remember the song I won the Bear Singing Contest with last year? Yeah, I do. Well, How about it? OK Otis, lets do it. 1..2..3….99 Sockeye Salmon on the Falls, 99 Sockeye Salmon, take one down, pass it around 98 Sockeye Salmon on the Falls.

    • SarahBear

      So cute. I want that on a mug!

  • Cbuitron

    Bears to ranger mike- yes ranger mike, we know the rules to salmon fishing here, (1) best behavior, (2) always smile at the camera (3) eat,drink,and be merry!!

  • Sandy in NC

    Floaties…if we only had floaties!

  • SarahBear

    Backpack: “Gahhh, Otis I am so frustrated!” Otis: “Dude, bro… chill. Let the fish come to you…”

  • Genny

    “Backpack this fishing is easy if you use the chill, feel, and peel technique.”
    “What’s that Otis?”
    “Sit here and chill, until a fish you feel, then you bite his tail and peel.”

    • SarahBear

      lol I love it

  • Gillian

    Backpack: I’m sure I left my lunch around here somewhere, did you see it?
    Lurch: Saw it, ate it….

    • SarahBear


  • cbearfalls

    When a wise old bear sits to fish, a smart young bear stands ready to learn at his side.

  • SarahBear

    Is this 879?????