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Coming Soon: New Explore Website!

Explore.org is excited to share that we will be releasing a brand new website next Tuesday, August 15th!  Over the past several months, we have been working tirelessly to develop and create a brand new website with exciting new features to enhance your viewing experience! There will be a few key changes that we would like to highlight prior to releasing the new site.

Please take a moment to view this PDF document/images that showcase all the new features that are soon to come:

Explore Website Handbook

Explore Website Tutorial.001

Explore Website Tutorial.002

Explore Website Tutorial.003

Explore Website Tutorial.004

Explore Website Tutorial.005

Explore Website Tutorial.006

Explore Website Tutorial.007

Explore Website Tutorial.008

Explore Website Tutorial.009

Explore Website Tutorial.010

Explore Website Tutorial.011

Explore Website Tutorial.012

Explore Website Tutorial.013

Explore Website Tutorial.014

Explore Website Tutorial.015

Explore Website Tutorial.016

Explore Website Tutorial.017

Explore Website Tutorial.018

Explore Website Tutorial.019

Explore Website Tutorial.020

Explore Website Tutorial.021

Explore Website Tutorial.022

Explore Website Tutorial.023

Explore Website Tutorial.024

Explore Website Tutorial.025

Explore Website Tutorial.026

Explore Website Tutorial.027

Explore Website Tutorial.028

Explore Website Tutorial.029

Explore Website Tutorial.030

New Website Video Tutorial:


Look out for more helpful blogs daily as we countdown to the new website! Once we release it, you will be able to experience a faster, more user-friendly explore.org. We thank you for your constant support over the years and can’t wait to streamline nature’s beauty right to your screens!

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    TY !!!!

  • Xander-Sage


  • TinyJulz <

    How exciting! Looking forward to the new website. Thank you explore!

  • FlyfishFL

    Thank you Explore!

  • Brenda Sandefur

    Thank you so much for your endless hours to upgrade this site! All is appreciated ♥

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi Brenda, you may possibly be logged out but logging back in is very simple and as long as you have your login email and password you should be fine!

    • Mike

      You might need to re-log in – if you forgot your password we have a simple way to recover!

  • Sara

    Looks awesome explore!

  • julia

    cant wait

  • alaska011

    Just a heads up, the tutorial for which button to click, to share is transposed, it says click here for facebook but the arrow goes to the little bird for twitter, oops. And vice versa Thanks for the tutorial

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org


    • Mike

      Thank you so much we will fix. We are such a small team and rely so much on your wonderful community help!

  • Vang0gh

    Can’t wait!

  • Stefanie Montoya

    Looks fantastic!! I hope my iPad will cooperate, as of now I can’t take snap shots because it gives me a pic of I don’t know what. So excited and a day before my birthday!!! Epic!!

    • Mike

      We can’t make the iPad autoplay unfortunately – apple does not allow us to do this : ( But it is a very nice experience on the iPad that will be more and more optimized as the weeks go on after launch. The snapshots are much more accurate and you can go back and forth in time as far as you like to try to find the moment you want!

  • betterthanwatchingwimbledon

    Looking good!

  • Teacup

    excellent …thank you :)

  • Joanna2014

    I wanted to know if there are any restrictions, copyright or other technicality that artists should be aware of, for example, I have been watching the live webcams for a few years now, and one day realized that in addition to watching my favorites, the bears at Katmai or the Hog Island Osprey nest, that I should brush off my drawing and sketching skills. Is there a procedure that explore.org prefers for acknowledging a snapshot taken by the artist is from one of your live webcams, or even, is there a fee that explore.org charges for an artist to use any of the snapshots the artist might take before having permission to use such photo in any artwork? I’m just an amateur, but there is a growing online presence of websites, some free, some a small subscription, in order to use pictures for artwork, so want to know if there are any ground rules. And Thank You explore.org for these webcams.

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi Joanna – you are free to use the live cams as inspiration for your art. Unless you’re using snapshots direct from the live cam to sell a product, we’re not concerned.

      • Joanna2014

        Thank you. Watching these live cams is such an inspiration, they have awakened, challenged, the artist within.

  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    This looks fantastic. I found a small mistake however, someone dropped a word out of 1 of the explanations (pic) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/79094eff54278d3a84637cf486a7f95aec51d9d1e4d45ea4a96059653a23539e.jpg

    • Mike

      Thanks will fix!

    • shnzermom

      havent ck’d it out yet, but i heard no more thumbnails? i like to look at the smaller window to see whats going on…

  • disqus_GsmkxSWiQh

    I like that the camera icon is out of the video frame

    • Mike

      glad you like it, trying to clean up the site as much as possible to make it more zen!

    • JeanneB

      Aw, that’s awesome. It was such a pain trying to do screenshots around it.

  • Bones

    thank you for all your work.

  • Dnvrgal

    FYI – second page of tutorial in right column has repeated information for Pop Comment and Community comment:

    Pop comments
    Click to pop the
    comment thread into a
    new window which
    can be resized
    and moved

    Pop comments
    Click to pop the
    comment thread into a
    new window which
    can be resized
    and moved

    • Mike

      Thank you so much, that should be community guidelines! Fixing this now!

  • Roberta-OH, CP

    Excellent! ♥

  • CamOp Greg
    • Mike

      thank you so much fixing now!

  • Dasimi

    WOW! Thank you for all your work! Will the view area be larger? Thank you

    • Mike

      Yes its slightly larger then the current site.

  • Pansy2

    An amazing amount of work has been put into this! I’m going to wait until I have more free time and go over it again in more detail.
    Thanks Explore for all that you do!

  • Nan Kan, CP (2012) TX

    This all looks fantastic, thank you! Will all of these new views and settings be available on Kindles and iPads?

    • Mike

      It works for sure on ipads – the previews of the other streams also works on ipads so you can see what is happening across the other cams. We cant autoplay stream on ipads so you still have to click the main stream to watch it. We are testing kindles tomorrow. will let you know if they work.

      • Nan Kan, CP (2012) TX

        Thank you for your reply. I look forward to hearing about the kindle tests.

      • Ann Branaugh-Phipps

        I have used the Kindle for years- hope it still works well. I am grateful for all of the time and effort Explore spends to bring us closer to our world. Thank you!

  • JeanneB

    This looks amazing. I’m sure it will take us a little bit to get use to it. It was very smart to throw it under fresh eyes to make corrections in advance. After so many days looking at it, there are little things that can’t be seen anymore. Whoever did this, did a wonderful job making things better for us all. Thank you so much!!

  • Jane

    It looks good, that’s if I can back on, just tried commenting on Hog Island & I am still banned & it’s been over 2 weeks. I have sent emails requesting back on & haven’t heard anything from you.

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Per our emails to you, Jane, you need to follow up with us:

      “Please reach out to us in two weeks time to acknowledge that you will abide by our community guidelines, and are able to follow rules that are enforced by chat moderators.”

      • Jane

        I got an email 10 days ago & I am pretty sure my two weeks are up already, so why do I have to keep on reaching out . I already told you I would abide by the rules , which I don’t know what they are, if I have to watch what I say because it might be considered as spam & my comments might be deleted , I don’t know if I want back on this site. There’s already bullying going on your site. That does not look good for you.



    • Mike

      It looks much more complicated then it really is because of all the arrows showing you what various things do. You will find the new site much easier to navigate. All cameras are grouped very clearly into channels and camera groups. Comments can be turned on to take up the entire bottom section, which gives you the feeds and the comments. Clean and Zen!

      • JeanneB

        I love it Mike~ Beautiful job…

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      We’ll be there to help out if there are any questions :) We think you’ll really enjoy it!

    • JeanneB

      Kathy. Even though I have been online for many years, looking at it as a whole, it’s very overwhelming. Start at the top and click one page at a time. Get comfortable with that page then move on to the next. Learn each one in order. I found as I got a few pages in that I was seeing some of the same thing we have now. (only better) At the bottom of each page is a page number. If you get stuck on something that you cannot get. Write it down so they can help you easier. Just a few things that helped me over the years as we had to learn a New Improved Website many times over the years. Hope this helps a little.

  • CindyfurbabyBalma

    Looks like fun…lots of new informational goodies…can’t wait to try it out.

  • Brenda Lane

    Looks like fun and educational, but some of site don’t have camop very often, will there be more live operators?

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi Brenda! Are there specific cameras you’re referring to? The ones with consistent, followable action have operators all the time.

      • Brenda Lane

        GGO and OFSDSTN ,I know not much to see GGO now, but there is at OFSDSTN and time looking at floor or empty couch isn’t what would to see

        • http://explore.org/ explore.org

          GGO is considered off season so no operators currently, and OFSDSTN currently operates their own camera. This could change in the near future.

          • Brenda Lane

            Thanks, very helpful, as always good work

      • naturegirl

        This all looks too complicated for me. Too bad son will be back at college next week and will not be able to help me figure it out.

        • http://explore.org/ explore.org

          We’ll be there to help everyone figure it out, but it is actually going to be very simple. You can still load up explore.org and easily watch any cam you want to.

          • naturegirl

            Can I still use my Disqus account to log in?

          • http://explore.org/ explore.org


          • naturegirl

            I am so happy about that. Thank you.

  • Ginger Martin

    Looks great…can’t wait to try it out!

  • Mike Kelly

    Yeah! Map location!

  • AnitaFederalWay

    Looks great. Looking forward to it. :)

  • ShawnaP

    Will comments be run by Disqus or explore? I’m asking because right now we can log in either way, so I’m usually logged in through Disqus, and I’m just wondering about logging in on the new site, if I will need to try to remember my explore password. :-)

    • naturegirl

      I would like to know that too since I have made over 72,000 comments using Disqus. The new website looks too confusing for me but I am not that computer literate and us “oldsters” might have an issue.

      • http://explore.org/ explore.org

        Don’t worry, it’ll be very simple to navigate, and we’re there to help if people have questions.

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      We’re still using Disqus for commenting. People can use their explore.org accounts to log in, but the system is still Disqus.

  • AbbyOregon

    Since the site now is not a Secure site….with the new one be Secure once we log in?

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi Abby! The site is secure. That is an unfortunate error message that some are seeing. Yes, the new site will be secure as well.

  • Nancy Valente

    Explore, thank you–you are making something so good even better. Can’t wait for the new website!

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  • Simona Righini

    Looks like you had to work very hard to perform such an upgrade. Well done, I will gladly enjoy the new site. I’ll show my appreciation sending my small contribution to the efforts of your organization. In the crazy world we are living in, people like you carrying out scientific research, protecting wildlife and allowing people to explore the world through your “eyes” must absolutely be supported.

  • Marie G

    It looks amazing. I can’t wait to use the new site!

  • Xan Xan
  • Deborah-TX (2014)

    I see that the new website will give a (rough) map location and more of a weather report. Those are both great. I don’t see that we will be able to access a compass heading. Was this considered in the upgrade? I know a compass isn’t needed for most of the cams but it sure would be nice for the Churchill cam

    • Mike

      That would be an awesome feature but that is quite massive as that would require the camera to report which direction it is looking. Its a great idea that would be nice if the livecams themselves provided this data, unfortunately this is more a camera level feature then a website feature.

      • Deborah-TX (2014)

        Thanks for your response Mike. I knew it would be to big for all cams that is why I limited my dream to the Churchill cam. maybe the next time that camera is replaced it will be considered

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  • Luv4Paws-VA (cp 2012)

    Will the new explore.org website allow you to rewind a live camera on the iPad, like it does on a regular computer? We lost this feature a while back on the iPad and would really like to have it back (unless we need to change a feature or something to get this back). Also Will comments still be available from the past to be viewed?

    • Mike

      It looks like youtube took this feature out of its mobile player so no sorry it doesn’t allow you to scrub through the past. We will work to see if there is another way to bring this feature back, but much of this is determined by streaming company and not the team at explore.org

      it looks like the only work around is to go to full screen mode on the player and then use the -30 circle in the bottom of the player to jump back through time.

    • Mike

      Comments is identical to the current site and all old comments will be there!

  • ginger52

    Some people currently use browser bookmarks or shortcuts to get to the specific cam that they want to watch. Will those still work? That is, will cam URLs remain as they are now?

  • Lilly

    Will this be live today what time? It looks great

  • Ananda Latifah
  • Boyd York

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