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polar bear face close up

Connecting You to the Tundra

An Update from PBI: “The countdown to polar bear season continues! We at Polar Bears International are in the final planning stages of our Tundra Connections program where we connect you to live polar bears and experts during the migration of the Western Hudson Bay polar bear population. During our Tundra Connections broadcasts, we bring in a panel of experts to host live chats about the Arctic, sea ice, ecosystems, climate change, polar bears, and whatever else you want to talk about. Our experts talk to you from a Tundra Buggy® – provided in conjunction with Frontiers North Adventure – stationed in the middle of the tundra outside of Churchill, Manitoba, surrounded by polar bears. We spend the day rolling around and zooming in on the best bear activity, so while you’re listening to the newest and most interesting science, you’re also watching polar bears live from the many Polar Bear Cams. Our schedule will be posted online soon and we hope that you will tune in to learn new things and ask any questions you have about polar bears. Please join us on the tundra, it’s shaping up to be a great year!”