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Brown Bear Story: Baby Peas


“Here’s a favorite bear story from last season: 7-15-16. On this morning 273 decided it was time to teach her yearling how to fish the falls like the big boys. The water was coming at him so fast and so cold that our brave little bear had a moment of insecurity. He held onto mom like he did the first time we met this duo, on a July evening in 2015, when he got his unofficial nickname “Velcro”.” – Baby peas

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  • mosaic_world

    awwww <3

  • BMDdad

    Well put, Baby Peas, Every one of these bears has their own story. Some have a more exciting story than others but each is but one separate chapter of a greater story. Velcro is but one of at least six individual bears whose story I’ve immensely enjoyed following then and look forward to continuing to follow in the future.

  • lesleezee

    Great memory, Baby Peas! I loved watching them at the falls that day. They had the place to themselves as I recall. According to Brooks Lodge Facebook page, 273 has been seen alone. :((( Here’s a link to the list of bears that they’ve seen. https://www.facebook.com/KatmaiNationalPark1950/photos/a.317767638253467.82906.317663624930535/1590706014292950/?type=3