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Vote for Beluga Boat Captain Hayley Shephard!

If you tuned in to the Beluga Boat Deck Cam last year, you may have witnessed Captain Hayley Shephard guiding you and other viewers through an interactive and fun Beluga experience. Well, we are pleased to announce that she has made the shortlist for the Wanderlust World Guide Awards!

Haley Beluga_Robin-crackerob

Snapshot by Robin-crackerob

Help Haley win by entering in a testimony about your experiences with her as your Beluga Boat Captain! Without Hayley, we would merely be spectators on the beluga boat rather than avid learners! We are so excited for her and hope you get the chance to enter in your favorite moments of Hayley!

  • uclamom

    Just voted. Hayley is the best. My best two moments for her was first the day she kicked into Super Woman and rescued the swamped kayaker.The second was the day with cellist. Most magical live cam moment I have witnessed ever.

  • Debbie Porges-Au

    Agree with uclamom below. What about the time she assisted the Polar Bears? i can’t remember the details. Unfortunately i missed that boat trip.

  • HuskerBear

    Taking the cellist out on the boat was one of the most moving moments I have experienced. Oh……guiding the polar bear & her cub to swim to the safe side of the island? Nerve wracking but she never gave up & successfully got those two out of harms way. She definitely deserves this recognition!

  • Cloud

    There is no one like Hayley! I can’t imagine a more deserving guide. She is a gift to this world!! :)